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The Supercharged Staking & Synthetic Dollar Protocol!
Fred EhrsamFred EhrsamVery LowTwitterENMedium
LOVRINLovrinCryptoVery LowTwitterENLow
Dovey WanDovey "Rug the fiat" WanVery LowTwitterENLow
Johnny(CryptoGodJohn)Johnny(CryptoGodJohn)Very LowTwitterENHigh
0xCabana logoCABANAVery LowTwitterENLow
CevocevoVery LowTwitterENMedium
ManLyNFT logoManLyVery LowTwitterENLow
Riccardo BossioRiccardo BossioVery LowTwitterENHigh
JZJZVery LowTwitterZHLow
SatoshiliteCharlie LeeVery LowTwitterENVery Low
DeFi DaveDeFi DaveVery LowTwitterENVery Low
Matt HuangMatt HuangVery LowTwitterENMedium
cdixon.ethcdixon.ethVery LowTwitterENHigh
Ben HorowitzBen Horowitz(bhorowitz)LowTwitterENMedium
readyplayerhreadyplayerh LowTwitterENLow
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Top Crypto Investors to Follow Analyzed and Ranked by CoinLaunch

CoinLaunch is an ultimate platform for discovering the best crypto investment influencers, channels and groups to target and connect with. Made by crypto marketers, tradersand blockchain experts for blockchain startups, professionals and aspiring crypto investors, our service acts as a comprehensive database of all existing influencers, operating in a crypto space. Our team works diligently on a daily basis researching, reviewing and analyzing crypto investment KOLs to present all the findings in one easy-to-navigate place for you. 

Our specially developed rating system, CoinLaunch Score, takes into account 80+ variables,  such as a KOL’s online presence, audience, connection to any scam crypto promotions, supported projects, associated funds and so forth to ensure that you get an unbiased and authentic assessment of each influencer’s performance and potential. 

Access detailed profiles of crypto investment groups from a variety of social media platforms, including Discord, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram here, on CoinLaunch!


What is the purpose of a crypto investment group on Telegram?

The purpose of crypto investment groups on Telegram may vary from one group to another, but the main goal of such groups is to provide group members with access to information, analysis, and advice regarding investing in crypto and blockchain projects. It is worth noting that not all investment groups have good reputations and provide reliable information. We recommend you do your own research before joining any investment groups and make investment decisions based on your own beliefs. 

What will make your experience with crypto investment influencers even more secure is checking out CoinLaunch's analysis and a unique rating system – CoinLaunch Score. By incorporating the platform’s insights and reviews into your research, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the projects under discussion within these groups and influencers themselves. This additional layer of information can enhance your ability to discern promising investment opportunities from the rest and filter out scam promotions or any other fraudulent activities.

Where can you find a verified Bitcoin investment Telegram group link?

To discover a Telegram group link for legitimate Bitcoin investments, you can follow these steps:

  • Connect with reliable Bitcoin communities and keep an eye on reputable investment influencers on social media platforms.
  • Conduct a direct search on Telegram using relevant keywords, and make sure to thoroughly validate the legitimacy of any groups you find.
  • Look for articles on Google written by trustworthy sources that discuss this particular topic.
  • Make use of cryptocurrency an analytical service and database, CoinLaunch, which provides swift updates on various groups and their analyses.

How do we rank Telegram crypto investments groups?

The unique rating system of CoinLaunch is powered by a special algorithm. It takes into consideration a bunch of factors like how active the group is, the quality of what they're sharing, how knowledgeable the admins are, how open they are about their stuff, how engaged the members are, and what the community has to say.

This cool algorithm was put together by a team of pros in the blockchain world, investment analysis, and influencer marketing. Our team has really fine-tuned it to make sure the ratings it gives are unbiased, relatively accurate and trustworthy. And we are always updating it to keep up with new developments and trends appearing in the blockchain scene, how the market's changing, and any new marketing rules that pop up. The goal is to make sure the ratings stay useful and on point for folks looking to invest in some token sales supported by some KOLs and for professionals looking for reliable influencers to cooperate with.

How to avoid Bitcoin investment scams on Telegram?

Scammers often use different social media platforms and messengers, including Telegram, to engage potential victims in financial frauds related to Bitcoin. Here are some tips on how to avoid such schemes:

  • Thoroughly check consumed information. Always validate the source of information and explore all tokensale proposals before investing in them.
  • Avoid promises of enormous profits. If it sounds too good to be true, it is most likely false. DYOR. 
  • Avoid queries of personal information. Never provide personal information, like passwords, private keys, bank card details, etc. through Telegram messages to anyone.
  • Validate with experienced investors. Seek guidance from individuals with a proven track record of successful investments.