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DoubleTopHighTelegramEN, UA, RUHigh
Ivan On TechIvan on TechN/AYouTubeENN/A
Mr Crypto LogoMr.Crypto | Mr.Crypto CommunityN/AYouTubeRON/A
Cripto VillaCripto VillaN/AYouTubePTN/A
Alex BeckerAlex BeckerN/AYouTubeENN/A
Crypto ZombieCrypto ZombieHighYouTubeENHigh
Crypto banter logoCrypto BanterVery HighYouTubeENMedium
Ben Armstrong  Bitboy_CryptoBen Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto)MediumYouTubeENMedium
COIN FLUENCERCoinfluencer (코인은코인플)N/AYouTubeKRN/A
Crypto WireCrypto WireMediumYouTubeENHigh
Coin MühendisiCoin MühendisiN/AYouTubeTRN/A
Manu Terrones GodoyKManuS88N/AYouTubeESN/A
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Find The Best Crypto Channels on YouTube With Coinlaunch!

Are you searching for the best YouTube crypto channels to follow? CoinLaunch is your only destination! Relying on our vast experience within the blockchain industry and crypto marketing, we have assembled a one of a kind platform that lists and analyzes the most significant, widely recognized, and frequently viewed crypto YouTube channels, as well as new channels and underdogs. Each Youtube channel profile contains its own unique rating and in-depth review. 

Our expert assessment system, called CoinLaunch Score, evaluates a Youtube channel based on >80 variables related to content quality, engagement rate, audience overview, associated projects/funds/influencers and so on.

Save hours of manual research with CoinLaunch and always obtain fresh and up-to-date information about top crypto YouTube channels. Start exploring our database now!


How Do We Rank Crypto YouTube Channels?

CoinLaunch experts have been in the crypto industry since 2017. So, we know exactly what to look at when it comes to a crypto influencer assessment. That’s how the CoinLaunch Score was born. The rating system consists of 80 influencer-related factors focusing on content, audience engagement, audience breakdown by demographic, investments breakdown by industry, etc. Additionally, our platform provides you with up-to-date analytical information, so you can be sure that you get the most actual data. CoinLaunch Score is a dynamic measurement of influencer’s potential that stays in sync with its metrics.

How to Find the Best Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels?

  • To find the top crypto channels on YouTube, you can do your own research and analyze dozens of factors. However, it will take a lot of time and effort. And finally, it may not provide you with an expected outcome due to a lack of specific knowledge and marketing experience. 
  • In turn, relying on various ranking platforms, such as CoinLaunch, is probably the most time-preserving, efficient and rewarding method to find the best cryptocurrency YouTube channels for now. The service offers you up-to-date information about each channel with a rating and in-depth performance and investment reviews attached. 

What kind of information do YouTube crypto influencers provide?

YouTube crypto channels spotlight important crypto news and events. Also, they review different projects and interview various interesting guests from the niche, such as project founders, C-level executives, traders, NFT artists and so on. Also, crypto bloggers cover industry trends on topics including NFT, DeFi and altcoin trading, and share their personal experiences on investing in crypto assets. In turn, analysts share their assessment, forecasts and research findings on the cryptocurrency market. YouTube influencers that publish educational content on crypto basics and trading usually have a more active and grateful community. 

Is the cryptocurrency YouTube community big?

Taking the popular hashtag #crypto as an example, we find a staggering 193,000 channels and over 2.1 million videos associated with it. Although it is difficult to assess the exact count of crypto accounts with more than 1 million subscribers, several prominent channels demonstrate substantial reach. For instance, CoinBureau boasts an impressive 2.27 million followers, while Altcoin Daily enjoys a substantial subscriber base of 1.3 million. These figures illustrate the significant presence and influence of crypto-related content on YouTube.

The crypto community on Youtube is enormous because of 3 reasons: 

  • Firstly, YouTube is an extremely popular platform for content search and consumption as it covers many topics and sub-topics, including cryptocurrency, that may be revealed in different creative formats.
  • Secondly, it is much easier to explain complicated crypto and blockchain-related topics and showcase tutorials through video content.
  • Thirdly, the monetization opportunities of a YouTube channel attract many creators and incentivize them to produce high-quality content, which causes the crypto community growth within the platform.

Who Is a Crypto Youtuber?

A crypto YouTuber is an influencer (or initially just a person) who has a background in crypto investing, trading or has gained some experience as an employee at blockchain-based projects. In most cases, crypto influencers publishing content on Youtube have a team supporting them. Crypto YouTubers provide their users with video content related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, Web3 and DeFi. There is one similar characteristic between all crypto YouTubers - they talk about crypto. But each of them has different topics, production style and tone of voice.

What are the pros of cryptocurrency YouTube channels?

There are several significant advantages of crypto channels on YouTube:

  1. Access to the myriad of useful and quality videos related to various topics related to crypto and blockchain. Everyone can find needed information from industry experts, traders, and investors. 
  2. Also, YouTube is a very practical platform for streams, which gives its users the ability to attend different interviews and AMA sessions inside the platform.
  3. All of the content on Youtube is free of charge, so anyone can learn and research for free. However, without a premium membership, the video will be interrupted by ads.
  4. The videos provide a visual learning experience, which is globally recognized as one of the most effective due to the highly positive impact on people’s cognitive capabilities.