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Every ICO Crowdfunding Platform Reviewed by CoinLaunch

Just like the launchpads themselves observe and verify upcoming token sales, CoinLaunch assesses and filters out ICO platforms to leave you with the best selection on the market! Our experts are doing exactly what you would have done to evaluate launchpad’s potential and credibility, but professionally, systematically, at scale and with a mathematical approach. 

Since our team has a vast practical experience of working with cryptocurrency launchpads and various types of crypto investments, we know exactly what should be observed and investigated. CoinLaunch is a big crypto library that provides an ultimate overview of the best ICO launchpads on the crypto market, each with its own in-depth review and a rating that is based on 80+ variables you didn’t even know existed.

With our help, you can confidently use ICO launchpads knowing that your preliminary due diligence was done by the industry experts!


What Is ICO Launching Platform?

A crypto ICO launchpad is a platform specially dedicated to host Initial Coin Offering events. There are two ways of how ICOs can be hosted: on a crypto launchpad or a project website. Prior to the emergence of launchpads, arranging token sale events on websites was the only method crypto projects could raise funds by means of selling their tokens. Due to the lack of regulation, profound compliance process, and investor protection measures, scammers could easily mislead investors and get away with their funds.

The emergence of crypto launchpads was a response to the issues associated with website-based token sales, aiming to provide a safer and more regulated environment for raising funds through ICOs. 

How Does a Platform for Launching ICO Work?

The ICO platform acts as an intermediary between a crypto startup and investors. However, not every project’s token sale event can be hosted on a crypto launchpad. Prior to listing, the team of an ICO platform conducts a thorough selection process that involves the analysis of project’s roadmap, UVP, token use cases, team, associated investors and funds. The purpose of this rigorous evaluation is to ensure the project is real, its token has real use cases and growth potential and eventually won’t negatively affect the launchpad’s reputation.

Besides offering the infrastructure for projects to host crowdsales for their emerging tokens, ICO launchpads also provide technical and marketing support for token projects during the token sale event and after the listing for mutual success. 

How to Find the Best ICO Platform?

There is no so many ICO launchpads to choose from (3), but we will give you a simple guide on how you can compare them:

  • A track record of successfully launched tokens is key. The reputation and effectiveness of a launchpad is defined by the quality of projects it hosts. Always check both current and ATH ROI of projects launched to find out how well an ICO platform selects and supports its projects.
  • Social influence and support from a community. A strong and active audience base is critical for any project in the blockchain space. As a project owner or a potential investor, you should be even more observant, since your future success is directly tied to a launchpad’s community and social influence. Follow a platform on all social media channels and check out their number of subscribers, likes, reactions, type of content, engagement rate - everything that might give you insights into the level of support and engagement you can expect from the launchpad's community.
  • Loyalty programs. In comparison to other crypto launchpads, ICO platforms don’t have their own native tokens people can stake to gain certain benefits. Instead, they introduced other loyalty programs, like Coinlist Karma for instance. The program is designed to reward users who actively engage with the platform and participate in various activities, such as trading, lending, staking, experimental token offerings and more. Eligible users who have accumulated a substantial level of Karma have the opportunity to gain access to the Priority Queue for token sale events on Coinlist, which grants them priority access to upcoming offerings and token sales. 

Token allocation distribution process. Each launchpad has its own unique mechanism and rules for distributing tokens, including vesting schedules and lock-up periods. Look into whether a launchpad you are interested in provides guaranteed allocation opportunities, how tokens are distributed between all investors, how they are released and whether you’ll be able to sell them once the token is listed on the exchange.

IDO Launchpad & ICO Launchpad - Which Is Better?

Both launchpads serve as fundraising platforms for emerging blockchain-based startups.

However, there are a few key differences you, as a future crypto launchpad user, should know of.

First of all, ICO launchpads are centralized entities that typically provide online support to address issues and challenges faced by their users. On the contrary, on the IDO launchpad all the operations are made through smart contracts, which means that the blockchain doesn't account for user mistakes or errors.

Secondly, while ICO launchpads always require KYC verification, some IDO launchpads allow you to use a platform without it. 

And finally it is important to note that ICO launchpads typically enforce stricter compliance measures for projects seeking funding. These measures aim to safeguard investors and ensure the legitimacy of the projects listed. IDO launchpads, on the other hand, are more accessible and inclusive.

The Benefits of Using a Crowdfunding ICO Platform For a Retail Investor?

What advantages does an ICO platform list for regular crypto investors?

  • All potentially successful tokens in one place: Since every project that wants to be featured on a crypto launchpad has to undergo a rigorous evaluation, investors are left with secure and promising investment options that, based on the vetting process conducted by a crypto launchpad team, have a potential to skyrocket.
  • Investments you can trust: In the early days of ICO you only had to blindly rely on what the project team was telling you, which led to “n” number of scams. With ICO launchpads around, investors can feel more protected because of all security measures the platforms have added.

Fair and transparent staking & token allocation system: Just like other crypto launchpads, ICO platforms have incorporated different staking and randomized token allocation mechanisms to reduce bias towards any individuals or groups. 

Why Do Projects Use ICO Launchpads?

With no other safer, user-friendly and beneficial alternative around, ICO launchpads continue to be every new project’s go-to choice when it comes to conducting an Initial Coin Offering. Working with a crypto launchpad brings a blockchain startup plenty of benefits. Starting with a key advantage - marketing support from a launchpad, which can raise brand awareness and connect the project with industry-recognized influencers. Beyond promotional perks, the partnership with a launchpad also comes with technical assistance and consultancy related to the token development, networking, token sale event, fundraising and after-listing activities.