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Get a Complete List of The Best ICO 2018 - 2023 on CoinLaunch!

No matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced investor in the crypto world, it's important to have access to a complete set of reliable information when it comes to investing in new ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs. 

This is where platforms like CoinLaunch come in handy. CoinLaunch collects, aggregates and analyzes new token sales projects, offering a comprehensive review that includes an in-depth analysis of more than 80 factors related to an emerging token. By examining ended ICOs, CoinLaunch can identify the ones that were successful and the ones that were not.

Observing and assessing already ended ICOs can be incredibly helpful for both new and experienced investors. By analyzing the performance of previous token sales, along with CoinLaunch score, investors can gain valuable insights and spot patterns on which projects tend to skyrocket. Also, you may find out what red flags to watch out for, and what factors have contributed to the success or failure of a project.


The market of IDO, IEO & ICO 2022: Brief Recap

2022 has been a challenging year for everyone, and the ICO cryptocurrency market is no exception. If in 2021 its growth was driven by risk appetite and free money that had nowhere to spend in a pandemic, in 2022 regulators have tried to fight inflation and raised rates, which has made loans more expensive, and economic instability has forced savers to switch to more predictable assets in terms of profitability.

Market participants call the current period “a crypto winter” and say that this is a typical phenomenon for a cyclical economy: a decline will be followed by a rise again. But experts do not exclude that winter will turn into an “ice age”, and call the year “catastrophic” for the crypto: the bubble inflated by loans, according to them, burst, exposing the “structural flaws of the industry”.

Some other significant moments token offerings experienced in 2022:

  • Due to the development of alternative forms of token sales (IEO and IDO), the share of ICOs in the total volume of funds fell from >90% in 2018 to 30% in 2019, after which the decline continued.
  • According to the results of the first 10 months of 2022, $323 million was raised through the ICO, which is about 19% of the total volume of token sales.
  • In 2022, 524 token sales were held (please, note that one project can conduct a few different token sale rounds).
  • 401 of them were organized in the form of IDOs, which confirms our conclusions about the dominant position of this form of fundraising.
  • Next comes IEO - in total, 174 projects chose this form of token sale to raise money in 2022.
  • The situation with the ICO looks interesting - only 24 projects conducted such a token sale. Since ICOs are closely associated with scams and frauds, nowadays they are out mainly by large projects that inspire trust among potential investors.

The best ICO, IDO and IEO in 2022

  • In 2022, there were a few notable ICOs that gained attention from investors and the crypto community. One of the most successful ICOs was Gari Network, which raised >$59 million during its Initial Coin Offering round.
  • Another successful ICO of 2022 is called Tribal. $TRIBL ICO was held on Coinlist platform - the project raised almost $22 million during the token sale. The current ROI of the cryptocurrency equals 4.1x, which reflects public interest towards the project.
  • In terms of IDOs, XDAO, a tool for creating DAOs, was a standout project, raising $3.39 million. The token’s performance remains positive as at the time of writing - the current project’s ROI equals 11.8x.
  • Finally, some of the most successful IEOs of 2022 was WhiteBIT Token, which raised $1.9 million during its IEO round. The token currently showcases an ROI of 2.5x its initial value.

The state of the ICO 2021 Crypto Market: Key Points

Analysts and journalists consider 2021 a turning point for the crypto world, writes Fortune: “prices for digital currencies set new records, funds invested unprecedented amounts of money in decentralized blockchain projects, services increasingly accepted payments in “crypto”, and for the first time in the history Bitcoin was recognized as a national currency in El Salvador, Central America”.

One of the most notable ICO trends in 2021 was the shift towards more decentralized and regulatory-compliant forms of fundraising, such as Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). This was partly due to increasing regulatory scrutiny in the industry, and a desire among investors for more transparency, accessibility and community involvement.

Another significant trend in the ICO market in 2021 was the growing importance of community-based fundraising. Platforms like Polkastarter and DAO Maker were increasingly used by blockchain-based projects to raise funds and build a loyal community of supporters.

Moreover, the industry was joined by millions of retail investors who were attracted by the crypto and NFT hype spread via social networks and the media, where one joke on the air can raise and, conversely, collapse the price of a coin.

Here is what happened to crypto in 2019: ICO Edition

  • The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) market in 2019 experienced a significant decline compared to the previous year. According to a report made by the TUM School of Management, the total amount raised by ICOs in 2019 was >$3 billion, a stark contrast to the $21.5 billion raised in 2018.
  • The number of ICOs also decreased significantly in 2019. In total, there were 371 ICOs launched in 2019, compared to 1,132 in 2018. This decline in activity was partly due to regulatory crackdowns, which made it more difficult for startups to launch ICOs.
  • Another notable trend in 2019 was the rise of STOs (Security Token Offerings). According to Forbes, the total amount raised by STOs in 2019 was $442 million.

What were the hottest 2019 ICO sales?

In 2019 the Initial Coin Offering market saw a decline in activity, as compared to its peak in 2017-2018. However, there were still some notable ICOs that caught the attention of the crypto community.

  • One of the hottest ICOs of 2019 was Prometeus (PROM), which raised a total $4.85 million. The PROM is the native token of Prometeus Network, used in the buying and selling process of the data exchange via the platform. The Prom token currently showcases an ROI of 3.92x to its initial value.
  • Another notable ICO of 2019, The Blockstack (STX), raised approximately $23 million through a Regulation A+ offering approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). At the time of writing, The Blockstack (STX) current ROI equals 1.84x.
  • One of the hottest offerings in 2019 was Ocean Protocol (Ocean), which raised $7,2 million in a total. Ocean is an ecosystem for the data economy with a tokenized service layer that securely exposes data, storage, compute, and algorithms for consumption. The current ROI of an OCEAN token equals 1,44x.
  • One of the hottest ICOs of 2019 was Ferrum Network (FRM), which raised a total of $1,12 million. The native cryptocurrency of Ferrum Network, the FRM token, can be used for various purposes, including transaction fees, staking, and governance. At the time of writing, Ferrum Network (FRM) current ROI equals 2.11x.