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Celestia Retrodrop

Past 26 Sep - 17 Oct

Celestia Genesis Drop is an airdrop of 60 million TIA tokens (6% of entire supply) to 7,579 developers and 576,653 users from Ethereum rollups, Cosmos Hub, and Osmosis ecosystems. The airdrop is designed to incentivize and encourage users to join and actively participate in the building of the Celestia community.

of the airdrop will be distributed to developers who have contributed to Celestia or other modular DA layer projects. The remaining  of the airdrop will be distributed to users who are active on Ethereum rollups, Cosmos Hub, and Osmosis.

To claim the airdrop, users must visit the Celestia Genesis Drop website and connect their wallet. The airdrop claiming period will conclude on October 17, 2023

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Very High 13 Nov 2023

Celestia - Celestia Retrodrop  Overview

start date: 26 Sep
end date: 17 Oct
Reward Distribution: TBA
Reward: $60,000,000
Winners: 191,391
More about Celestia

How to join  Celestia - Celestia Retrodrop ?

The Genesis Drop allocates a total of 60 million TIA tokens to various categories of recipients, including developers, researchers, stakers, IBC relayers, and Ethereum rollups users. The allocation is designed to reward those who have contributed to the development of Celestia or who are actively using the network.

1. $20 Million TIA Allocation for contributors in Research & Public GoodsModular Ecosystem

  • Contributors to public products and critical protocol infrastructure
  • Eth Research participants who discussed ideas around LazyLedger

2. $20 Million TIA Allocation for Stakers and IBC relayers on Cosmos Hub and Osmosis

  • Stakers of ≥ $75, allocated by stake and on-chain activity (Allocation: 18.5 million TIA)
  • IBC relayers (Allocation: 1.5 million TIA)

3. $20 Million TIA Allocation for Early adopters of Ethereum rollups

  • Top 50% active users of the top 10 rollups by TVL on L2 Beat


For more information on Celestia (TIA) Genesis Airdrop, please refer to the Celestia official blog post: Initiating Genesis Airdrop.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Go to https://genesis.celestia.org.

  • Click on the Сheck TIA eligibility button.

  • Connect your wallet. 

  • If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can create a TIA (Mocha-4 testnet) address using either Keplr or Leap wallet.

  • Submit your address to claim the TIA tokens that have been assigned to you.

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