Keep Abreast of the Best Security Tokens Crypto Sales With CoinLaunch

How much time do you need to discover worthwhile token sales? How many efforts do you make to find and validate all the important details? What if we tell you that the main part of such a due diligence has already been performed by us?

CoinLaunch is a leading crypto analytical platform that collects, reviews and rates upcoming and ongoing STOs token sales on the market. Our service acts as an ultimate library, where you can find comprehensive analysis and detailed review on token sales of all kinds.  

Mathematical approach is applied to every project assessment we conduct. Thanks to our specially developed rating system – CoinLaunch Score – we can easily determine the potential of any Security Token Offering on a scale from 0 to 100 based on 80+ metrics.


What is a security token crypto calendar?

A security token crypto list and calendar is a website or tool that shares details about security token offerings giving clear timeframes. These include separate sub-lists for upcoming, ongoing, and completed token sales. Apart from just listing the events, a STO crypto list also shares info on when exactly the sale happens, if it followed regulatory compliance, who already invested, a project’s social media links, and team members. Leveraging the list is a super helpful way for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies to stay updated on new token sales and learn more about them.

What is the difference between cryptocurrency STO vs ICO?

Let's talk about the main differences between Security Token Offerings (STOs) and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). It's all about how they raise funds and the kind of tokens they use.

With an ICO, a company gets money by selling utility or governance tokens that let people access certain privileges, like voting rights, products or services, without giving up a part of the business. On the flip side, a crypto STO lets a company raise money by selling "security tokens." These tokens actually represent a piece of the company, and sometimes they even let the token holders participate in a decision-making process related to the roadmap of an underlying asset as well as the cryptocurrency overall.

ICOs were initially pioneered by cryptocurrency startups and have primarily been employed within the cryptocurrency industry. In contrast, STO tokens are categorized as securities, leading to more rigorous regulatory oversight, thus enhancing investor protection when compared to ICOs. 

Lastly, ICOs are pretty open to all sorts of investors, as long as they meet the requirements. They often don't have strict rules from regulators. On the contrary, STOs are more aimed at big players and those who are certified investors. These offerings are designed to follow the rules set by regulators like the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

How to find Security Token Offerings (STOs)?

Explore STO platforms. Look at websites or services that focus on setting up and launching STOs. These platforms provide a space where you can discover STOs that have already happened, are currently ongoing, or are planned for the future.

Keep an eye on STO calendars. Platforms like CoinLaunch are always on the hunt for new  STO investment opportunities. We carefully review each STO coin available on the market.

Join specialized communities. Become a part of online groups that discuss crypto investments on various social media platforms. These communities often have news and discussions about the most talked-about STO projects.

Stay updated with news outlets. Follow different news websites and channels to stay informed about all the STO token sales events that are currently happening or are about to start.

Can you spot the top security tokens in crypto early?

Absolutely, you have the chance to identify top security tokens ahead of time! Just make sure to follow the suggestions outlined in the FAQ section above. By doing so, you can position yourself as someone who gets to seize the greatest investment prospects before others. Once again, keeping an eye on STO launchpad platforms and calendars, becoming part of crypto communities, and staying updated with news will give you the best shot at spotting the most promising and sought-after security tokens.

How does security token offering work?

If businesses or people want to create crypto security tokens, they first need to find a valuable resource to back those tokens such as a piece of land or a part of a company. These assets serve as the basis for the tokens, representing fractional ownership or claims to a portion of the identified asset.

During a Security Token Offering (STO) event, people can buy these tokens with their fiat money or cryptocurrency. The money collected via the STO is then used to fund the business or project. In return for their investment, people receive tokens that prove their ownership of a part of the associated asset. These tokens possess inherent value and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Types of crypto security tokens

Let's dive into four common types of security tokens:

Equity tokens: Equity tokens represent ownership in a company, similar to traditional stocks or shares. Holders of equity tokens are entitled to a portion of the company's profits and may have voting rights in corporate decisions.

Debt tokens: These tokens are like IOUs. They represent debt instruments such as bonds or loans. Holders of debt tokens are essentially lenders to the issuer and are entitled to receive periodic interest payments and repayment of the principal amount at maturity.

Asset-backed tokens: Asset-backed tokens represent ownership in physical assets, commodities, or other tangible assets. Examples include tokens backed by gold, art, or collectibles. These tokens are often used to tokenize illiquid assets, making them easier to exchange.

Compliance tokens: These tokens are specifically designed to comply with regulatory requirements and may include features such as automated KYC/AML verification, investor accreditation checks, and built-in compliance measures to facilitate regulatory compliance.