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Centralized Exchange Tokens List: Simple Way to Monitor Token Sales and Find The Next Gem

CoinLaunch collects and analyzes all existing and emerging potentially profitable CeFi crypto projects in one place to optimize your research. Having a profound experience in crypto marketing, product design and investing, we have come up with a unique rating system addressing >80 variables that directly/indirectly impact the viability of emerging crypto exchange tokens.

With the help of our comprehensive database, in-depth analysis and a rating system you can stay in the loop of the CeFi market, tap into ambitious blockchain-based projects and weigh your investment decisions wisely. 


What are crypto exchange tokens?

Crypto exchange tokens refer to native tokens issued by crypto trading platforms, usually centralized. Decentralized crypto exchanges may also have their own tokens, but they are mostly known as “DEX tokens”. 

Cryptocurrency exchange tokens give their holders some utilities and privileges on corresponding CEXes. Holding or using such tokens may provide them with lower fees, access to exclusive exchange features, or voting rights. The value of centralized cryptocurrency tokens can increase or dump depending on such factors as a number of real exchange users and its trading volume.

Is centralized cryptocurrency a good investment?

If you are an active trader, holding a share of native exchange tokens can open a lot of beneficial opportunities, including higher staking interest, discount on various fees, access to token sales, or even yield farming (on decentralized exchanges), for you. 

The potential of a cryptocurrency issued by a centralized exchange directly depends on the success of the platform, along with its marketing and tokenomics. The price of a native CeFi token is partially tied up to an exchange's reputation, trading volume, number of users etc. So it might be a good idea to invest in tokens of top-tier crypto exchanges that have already proved their value to the industry and gained significant influence.

How to find a CEX token early?

If you want to participate in a CEX token sale of an exchange's native token, you should basically monitor crypto trading platforms that haven’t issued a native crypto yet. Follow them on social media channels, keep abreast of their updates and developments to spot the first signs of an upcoming token.

Engage in crypto conversations and discussions in various Telegram or Discord groups, but don’t forget about speculations and scams. If you hear about an upcoming token sale but the crypto exchange hasn’t confirmed it - it is 100% a scam. 

Rather than evaluating crypto startups alone, we recommend you to rely on reputable analytic platforms, like CoinLaunch, where all current and emerging IDOs, IEOs, and ICOs are presented in the form of a comprehensive list with in-depth analysis of each crypto project, its investors, marketing activity and more.

What are cryptocurrency exchange tokens used for?

CeFi crypto tokens majorly serve as a utility for traders that makes their interaction with an exchange more profitable, thereby, incentivizing users to trade more. In this way, a CEX becomes more liquid. For example, a native token of a centralized exchange can be used for fees reduction. To achieve that,  people have to either pay their fees with an exchange’s token or hold some amount of an exchange’s tokens to get a discount on fees. 

Centralized exchange tokens that serve as a governance mechanism are more rare within the industry. Some CEXes issue tokens that give their holders voting rights or access to some limited perks.  

Is the CeFi coin considered a secure investment?

A common perspective shared by traders is that exchange tokens tend to be more secure since they are associated with world-known trading platforms that cannot jeopardize their reputation.  It is worth noting that no cryptocurrency is 100% safe to invest in due to the unpredictable nature of the market. However, investors feel more confident in native tokens that were issued by reputable exchanges that have powerful marketing and wide communities, operate within regulatory frameworks, have advanced security features, like 2-factor authentication, KYC/AML requirements, encryption protocols etc.

Finally, note that the biggest part of your investment security depends on where it is stored and how you treat the cryptocurrency security measures.

What are the best centralized exchange crypto tokens of all time?

A return on investment (ROI) of the token is the most true measurement of its success. Therefore, there are a few winners in this category: 

  • At the time of writing, Binance Coin (BNB), the native cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange, holds the first position, with its current ROI of 2091x
  • The KuCoin Token (KCS), the native cryptocurrency of the KuCoin exchange, is recording a current ROI of 30x, which brings it to the #2 position. 
  • The GateToken (GT), the native cryptocurrency of the Gate.io exchange, currently showcases an ROI of 18x its initial value.