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The Full IEO List Analyzed and Rated by CoinLaunch

Do not possess enough professional skills to comprehensively analyze IEOs? We are here to help. CoinLaunch is one of the leading crypto analytical platforms and aggregators that ultimately reviews all the best IEO crypto coins appearing on the market.

Our experts are working tirelessly to find, filter, review and evaluate dozens of upcoming and ongoing IEO rounds. The assessment process we conduct meets the highest standards of due diligence, with an added touch of excellence, professionalism and mathematical approach. Take advantage of our specially developed rating system - CoinLaunch Score - that incorporates >80 token related factors and evaluate an overall project’s potential on a scale from 0 to 100. Check it out!


What is IEO?

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a fundraising round (event) that takes place on a crypto launchpad of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. In this case, an exchange acts as an incubator, facilitator and infrastructure provider, hosting a token sale on its launchpad, assisting in marketing and handling the token purchases.

Token sale rounds hosted by IEO launchpads get an extra layer of protection and additional certainty from potential investors, since the teams of crypto exchanges conduct a rigorous vetting process on every project listed on their platform.

How can I buy an IEO token?

A typical IEO process means making the following steps by an investor:

  1. Find an IEO you want to invest in;
  2. Select an IEO launchpad that is hosting token sale round of a project you are interested in;
  3. Sign up on a launchpad platform and check out the requirements for participation; 
  4. Purchase and stake a predetermined amount of native tokens of an exchange to become eligible for a token sale; 
  5. Win the token allocation;
  6. Wait for the IEO to end to buy tokens;
  7. Celebrate your success and fix profits

How to find Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) early?

  1. Join cryptocurrency communities: Joining cryptocurrency investment communities on social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, or Discord can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and hot discussions on the hyped emerging token sales in the industry.
  2. Follow IEO platforms: Keep an eye on the IEO launchpads of reputable cryptocurrency exchanges that have a good track record of hosting successful IEOs.
  3. Use crypto aggregators and analytical services: Websites such as CoinLaunch specialize in finding, and evaluating upcoming IEOs. It’s you must-use tool for find the most hyped and wanted token sales. 
  4. Check out news outlets: Monitor upcoming IEO token sales events, as well as any updates regarding specific token sale rounds by following different news websites, like BeInCryptoDecrypt and Cointelegraph.

What's the difference between crypto IEO vs IDO?

  1. The main difference between IEO and IDO is the platform on which they are conducted. Both of them are conducted on exchanges, however, IEOs are hosted on a centralized platform and IDOs - on a decentralized platform.
  2. Centralized exchanges provide real-time customer support and assistance to users in resolving any issues they may encounter. On the other hand, DEXes do not provide this level of centralized support. In DEXes, users are responsible for managing their transactions and resolving any problems independently, as these exchanges operate on a peer-to-peer and trustless basis through smart contracts.
  3. After the IEO, the tokens are usually automatically listed on the hosting exchange, providing immediate liquidity to investors as they can trade the tokens on the platform. In case of IDOs, the tokens can be traded on a DEX right after the TGE event while there are no strict requirements to the initial liquidity.
  4. An equally important difference between IEO and IDO is regulatory compliance. Since IEOs are hosted on launchpads of centralized crypto exchanges, investors are required to pass KYC/AML verification. On the other hand, IDO investors may not always be required to pass mandatory KYC and AML verification.
  5. IEO is a centralized type of crowdfunding due to the presence of a third party between a project and an investor (a crypto exchange like Binance, for example). IDO, on the other hand, involves a direct connection between projects and investors via blockchain and smart contracts.

How to find the best IEO in crypto?

Here are a few tips on how you can leverage CoinLaunch to always determine the best Initial Exchange Offerings:

  1. Use our “IEO Events Rounds” page to find projects that have already conducted, are currently conducting, or have plans to conduct a token sale event. 
  2. Carefully examine each project's CoinLaunch score, a comprehensive rating system that evaluates 80+ various factors to help you swiftly assess a project's potential. 
  3. Explore the reviews and in-depth analysis of each project on CoinLaunch. Our team of experts meticulously examines and assesses every project, offering valuable insights into its strengths and weaknesses.

How does IEO tokens work?

  • Since the sale of tokens is carried out on the platform of a centralized exchange, token issuers in most cases must pay a listing fee (usually with a significant discount) along with the percentage of tokens sold during the IEO. 
  • Every individual who is willing to participate in an IEO must purchase a share of an exchange's native tokens and stake them for a predetermined period of time to get a chance to win an allocation. Essentially, native tokens act as a form of commitment and qualification for individuals to access the IEO and invest in the new tokens being launched on a launchpad.
  • In turn, crypto-startup tokens are sold on the exchange platforms, and their coins are transferred to investors after the end of the IEO.
  • Crypto projects can be reassured about guaranteed token listing after conducting an IEO, as the exchange that hosts the IEO typically lists the token once the token sale is completed for capitalizing on hype and ensuring new trading activity. Furthermore, the IEO launchpad plays a vital role in connecting the project with other crypto exchanges, facilitating additional listings.