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Find the Best Professionally Reviewed Initial Farm Offerings on CoinLaunch!

CoinLaunch is a go-to service for both aspiring investors and blockchain startups wanting to find trustworthy and professionally vouched information on Initial Farm Offerings.

Our analytical platform is specifically designed to provide quality and comprehensive information on every project and its token sale rounds. Every analysis of an ILO sale we conduct incorporates an exclusive mathematical approach. We utilize our custom rating system called CoinLaunch Score, which enables our experts to assess the viability and credibility of an Initial Farm Offering on a scale from 0 to 100 based on >80 project-related variables. 

Check out our dynamic database to keep track of the best upcoming, active and past IFOs in the industry!


What is IFO crypto meaning?

Initial Farm Offering, (IFO in brief), is a way to gather funds by using liquidity through token farming. These IFO events are part of the DeFi scene and only happen on decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap and StreetSwap. Through an IFO, a project can share its tokens not just via pre-funded pools but also by providing rewards for yield farming. This smart approach not only makes sure tokens are distributed fairly, but also pumps up extra liquidity for the decentralized protocol that's hosting the IFO.

How does IFO (Initial Farm Offering) work?

If you want to get in on an IFO event, you've got to add some liquidity to a pool that meets the IFO's requirements. In exchange for tossing your liquidity into a new token, you'll get some of the project's own tokens as a kind of reward. Once the IFO is done and dusted, the folks holding those tokens can trade them on the decentralized exchange (DEX) that hosts the IFO.

Basically, joining an IFO event is like getting involved in activities that mine liquidity, while a project spreads out to different blockchains and keeps building up its product.

How can you buy an IFO token?

Different IFO platforms have their own unique processes for users. Since PancakeSwap is a widely known platform for IFOs, here's a quick guide on how to take part:

  1. Set up your profile on PancakeSwap.
  2. Get some CAKE tokens.
  3. Lock up your CAKE in the CAKE syrup pool to get iCAKE.
  4. While the sale is happening, use your CAKE tokens to buy the IFO tokens.
  5. Once the sale's done, make sure to claim the IFO tokens you purchased. 

What is the difference between crypto IFO vs IDO?

PancakeSwap DEX started the IFO idea. It's like an IDO, but you need those LP tokens to join in.

During IFO events, it's all about how much liquidity you add to the pool. More liquidity means more tokens. But in IDOs, folks get a set amount of tokens based on how much of the  base currency they put in.

What is the IFO crypto launch process?

  1. A token project picks a DeFi platform with IFO services and sets up a farming pool.
  2. The project decides how many tokens will be set aside for the IFO. This is usually split into two parts: tokens for sale and tokens for liquidity mining rewards.
  3. The IFO project starts a contribution phase where investors put liquidity into the pool. In return, they get liquidity provider tokens that represent a share of the pool.
  4. Once the contribution phase ends, the project sells tokens using the contributed liquidity. People get tokens based on how much they contributed.

Safety tips for participating in an IFO cryptocurrency projects

One smart way to lower risks is diversification. Basically, you spread your investments across different places and put your money in various projects.

Another good way to play it safe is by getting advice from experts who really know how to operate in a particular domain. They can do all the heavy lifting when it comes to checking out IFO platforms and projects. That's where CoinLaunch comes in handy. We're like your trusty sidekick for crypto investing. We're always on the lookout online, sorting through, analyzing, and rating projects that are in the middle of IFO rounds. So, you get a whole bunch of IFO options right at your fingertips.