Fund Score Type Tier Project Support Social Influence
Animoca Ventures LogoAnimoca Brands (Ventures) Very High Corporate 1 Very High
Very High
BlackRock Very High Corporate 1 Medium
Consensys logoConsenSys High Corporate 1 High
gv google ventures logoGV Google Ventures Very High Corporate 1 High
temasek logoTemasek High Corporate 1 High
tiger global managementTiger Global Management Medium Corporate 1 Very Low
Alchemy LogoAlchemy N/A Corporate 2 N/A
Amber Group LogoAmber Group Medium Corporate 2 Medium
Aptos logoAptos N/A Corporate 2 N/A
Blockchain com Ventures Very High Corporate 2 High
Very High
dapper labs logoDapper Labs N/A Corporate 2 N/A
ethereum foundation logoEthereum Foundation High Corporate 2 High
Galxe logoGalxe N/A Corporate 2 N/A
Genesis LogoGenesis High Corporate 2 Medium
GoldenTree Asset ManagementGoldenTree Asset Management Medium Corporate 2 Medium
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Find And Study Corporate Venture Capital Firms With CoinLaunch

CoinLaunch as no one knows how ever-changing is crypto industry. In connection with this investing in any crypto project is so complex and risky. That is why our experts created an informative and useful platform with a user-friendly interface to give our visitors the ability to easily compare all new and popular corporate venture capital firms.

You can make your first step in crypto investment with CoinLaunch, your reliable partner. You had a chance to change your life 10 years ago, the next chance today - use it!


Find And Study Corporate Venture Capital Firms With CoinLaunch

As large financial corporations strive to foster innovation and explore new avenues for revenue generation, they increasingly participate in the development of the Web3 industry by means of investing in and supporting different crypto startups. . 

The CoinLaunch team perfectly understands how important it is for crypto investors to monitor the activity of corporate venture funds and stay in the loop of their investment activity. For startups, monitoring these funds can open doors to potential funding and new partnerships, allowing them to leverage the expertise and resources of established corporations to fuel their growth. 

That’s why our experts decided to create a comprehensive database of all corporate venture capital firms in crypto, with detailed reviews, in-depth analysis and ratings. Thanks to our specially developed rating system, CoinLaunch Score, that incorporates 80+ factors, we can professionally and with the help of a mathematical approach evaluate the potential of each investment fund from our list. 

Keep abreast of all crypto corporate venture capital funds that operate in blockchain, NFT and crypto industries with CoinLaunch!

What is a corporate venture fund?

A venture fund, the only limited partner of which is a large corporation, and investments of which are made in the interests of this company, is called corporate. Similarly to angel investors and venture capital firms, corporate VCs invest in early-stage projects, obtaining in return their equity stakes or tokens. 

Apart from financial support, corporate venture capital funds provide additional support to startups in the form of mentorship, access to technology, connection with appropriate advisors, and other industry contacts. Furthermore, corporate VCs offer projects the advantage of gaining access to the corporation's existing customer base and other networks. 

Corporate venture capital fund vs venture capital fund

First and foremost, traditional venture capital firms are mainly funded by high-net-worth individual investors, while corporate venture capital funds receive the main part of their funding from a corporation (like JP Morgan, Apple Inc., Meta, etc.), which allows them to offer a combination of extensive financial resources and strategic guidance to companies in their portfolio.

Another difference between two types of investment firms lies in what projects they invest in. Corporate venture capital funds primarily target emerging projects that can strengthen their product and service line, technology or team, even if it takes more time for this startup to become profitable or achieve significant scale. Unlike corporate venture capital funds, VCs focus more on generating returns for their members, that’s why they invest in a broader range of projects that goes beyond just an industry or early-stage startups.

Moreover, corporate venture capital funds differentiate themselves by adopting longer-term investment strategies, prioritizing sustainable growth for startups rather than seeking quick exits. In contrast, traditional VCs operate with a relatively shorter-term perspective, focusing on achieving faster returns through exits like initial public offerings or strategic acquisitions by other firms.

How do corporate venture capitalists support blockchain startups?

The main services a corporate venture capital fund provide for blockchain startups are:

  1. A professional evaluation and testing of the product for viability; accelerating the technological development of a product;
  2. Assistance in loud entering the market, including the versatile global marketing, which would be almost impossible and very expensive for a crypto company at an early stage;
  3. Potential exit strategies for a crypto project’s founders, including the purchase of a startup equity in which money was previously invested by a corporation, or licensing of its products;
  4. Access to big clients, including a corporate crypto investing company itself as a potential client;
  5. Access to the best experts in different fields and providing an opportunity to invite employees of the investing company to join a startup’s team;
  6. An opportunity to participate in the most prominent crypto incubators or crypto accelerator programs run by other corporations, investment funds, crypto exchanges, launchpads.

The characteristics of a top crypto corporate venture capital fund.

  1. Profound Experience and Deep Expertise. The corporate VC fund's representatives must have extensive experience in the development of blockchain technology, design of tokenomics, performing efficient business development and overall operational management in the crypto industry. Top crypto corporate venture capital funds must be well-acquainted with all market patterns, trends and emerging technologies.
  2. Pro-active Support. Startups are more likely to cooperate with crypto corporate venture capital funds that actively support them in various areas, offer them mentorship and strategic advice, and participate in the majority of strategic meetings and events.
  3. Funding Flexibility. Professional corporate venture capital funds are flexible in their investment. They follow market trends and dynamics, and adjust their investment strategy.
  4. High Social Influence. As a rule, members of A-class corporate venture capital funds are leaders of thought in their industries and are well respected in the crypto industry. They participate in different events or conferences as speakers, share their thoughts about emerging trends, and publish research. The crowd listened to and followed them.