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The Comprehensive Security Tokens Crypto Sales Calendar – CoinLaunch

If you want to keep abreast of the latest and ongoing STOs in the industry, then CoinLaunch is the best platform to explore.

CoinLaunch is a revolutionary analytical platform that gathers, reviews and rates Security Token Offerings to present them in a comprehensive list with all detailed information, stats and analysis. With a lot of practical experience gained thanks to operation in the crypto industry, as well as a profound investment background, our experts know exactly what defines a good STO. We evaluate each project from our list in terms of its tokenomics, roadmap, team members, associated funds, influencers and investors, as well as token’s marketing activity and support from a community.

The key point of our assessment is a unique rating system, CoinLaunch Score. Developed in-house, this system assesses 80+ variables to determine the potential of a token offering on a scale from 0 to 100.


What is a security token crypto sale calendar?

A security tokens crypto list is a website or service that provides information about upcoming, ongoing and ended security token offerings. Besides providing people with a catalog of token sale events, STO crypto list also includes information regarding token sale’s date and time, regulatory compliance, associated funds and investors, social media channels and team members. A security tokens calendar is a fundamental source of insights and information for any cryptocurrency enthusiast who wants to hop on the train of emerging token offerings.

What is the difference between cryptocurrency STO vs ICO?

  • The first difference between security token offering vs initial coin offering is that an ICO allows a company to raise money by selling a token that gives investors access to certain products or services without giving away part of their business. Crypto STO allows a company to raise money by selling a "security token", which represents a stake in the company and can grant voting rights to the owner of the token.
  • Secondly, ICOs are generally reserved for blockchain companies because the utility tokens sold must have a specific use case within the company's ecosystem or platform. Security token offerings can be used by any company as security tokens can be traded as shares of a business even if the business is not using blockchain technology.
  • Thirdly, ICOs are generally open to any and all investors who comply with an individual set of requirements and guidelines outside of a standardized regulatory framework. Meanwhile, STOs are targeted at institutional and accredited investors and are designed to meet the requirements of global regulators, such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

How to find Security Token Offerings (STOs)?

  1. STO platforms. Discover platforms that specialize in preparing and launching STOs. On the STO launchpad platform you can find STOs that have already been launched, are planning to launch or are conducting a token sale at the moment.
  2. Security Token Offering calendars. Platforms like CoinLaunch constantly search for new STO investment opportunities and review every STO coin on the market.
  3. Specialized Communities. Join crypto communities related to crypto investments on different social media as there may be announcements and hot discussions of the most hyped STO projects.
  4. News media outlets. Follow different news websites and channels to stay aware of all active and upcoming STO token sales events.

Can you spot the top security tokens in crypto early?

Of course, you can spot top security tokens early! You just need to follow the recommendations mentioned in the FAQ section above to become a lucky one who catches the best investment opportunities ahead of everyone else. One more time, tracking STO launchpad platforms and calendars, joining crypto communities, and following the news in the synergy is the most efficient way to spot the best and hot security tokens.

How does security token offering work?

Businesses or individuals that want to launch crypto security token, first of all, need to identify an asset that can be used to back the tokens. An asset can be anything that has some value: a piece of property, a share of a company, or another type of asset. Once the asset is identified, a business or project will need to tokenize it –  to create a token that represents a share of this asset.

During the Security Token Offering (STO), investors have an opportunity to purchase these tokens via fiat money or crypto. The funds raised through the STO are subsequently utilized to finance the business or project. In return for their investment, STO participants receive tokens that represent the underlying asset or value associated with the STO. These tokens hold intrinsic value and can be traded on secondary markets, including cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Types of crypto security tokens

Let’s take a look at four commonly known types of security tokens:

  1. Equity tokens. These tokens represent ownership of the company. Having equity tokens you get voting rights and a share of profits.
  2. Debt tokens. These tokens represent debt instruments, like loans.
  3. Asset-backed tokens. These tokens represent the ownership of a physical or tangible asset, like real estate, precious materials, or art.
  4. Compliance tokens. These tokens enforce legal requirements, such as investor accreditation or restrictions on transferability.