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Discover Potential Retroactive Airdrops With CoinLaunch

Spotting new retroactive airdrops isn’t an easy task to say the least. Fortunately, there are platforms like CoinLaunch that offer you a comprehensive list of already analyzed projects with high retrodrop potential. Our team conducts a rigorous research on each project to determine its overall potential with the help of our specially developed rating system - CoinLaunch Score - which is based on 80+ variables.

As with any retrodrop, of course there are no guarantees that you will get free tokens in projects from our list, but you will definitely increase your chances of receiving a share of tokens for spending your time by taking the steps we have outlined.

You never know when your efforts will be rewarded. Yet, to yield even the smallest result, you need to always be in touch with what’s new on the horizons of the crypto industry. Our task is to find reliable retrodrops. Your task is simple – follow CoinLaunch to never miss out on new exciting events and token sales.


What Is a Retroactive Airdrop?

A retroactive airdrop (also DeFi airdrop) is a process when a project distributes tokens to active users in the form of a bonus or reward for their activity. Usually, the reward means a solid portion of a project tokens’ equivalent of $500-20,000. The word "retro" is used because none of the regular users can know the rules of the drop and if a project will have a giveaway or not, so all actions are evaluated in retrospect.

Unlike with traditional airdrops, which are typically held in the early stages of a token's life cycle, you never know when or even whether retrodrop is going to happen. This marketing strategy fosters the creation and appreciation of loyal project users, incentivizing more people to come and utilize a product early.

Why Are Retrodrops Getting Popular?

One day there is nothing and the next day Uniswap kicks in our lives with a unique concept we’ve never heard before, providing early users with $2k+ UNI token drops. Retroactive airdrops are gaining more popularity because they tap into people psychology.

Crypto projects bet on people’s FOMO: the fact that only a limited number of loyal users will receive a huge reward drives a demand up for this kind of event.

Projects launch retrodrops to show appreciation to early adopters of the product. This marketing approach makes people believe that other platforms will conduct similar events in the future, which drives more people to regularly utilize a project from the start.

Retroactive airdrops not only raise user awareness about DeFi products but also highlight the unique features of a project. This increased attention attracts more users to the platform, fostering the growth of a vibrant community and boosting such metrics as trading volume, TVL, etc. Retroactive airdrops, being a form of easy money, are particularly appealing and well-received by individuals seeking such opportunities.

Top 3 Retroactive Airdrops So Far

Top 3 biggest retrodrop activities in the crypto space stand as follows:

Uniswap: Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange developed on the Ethereum blockchain. In 2021, when the platform launched its own UNI token, it utilized a retroactive airdrop to attract more investors. During the retrodrop, everyone who even tried to use Uniswap got 400 UNI. After retrodrop, UNI was listed on different crypto exchanges which caused its value to surge thereby bringing its holders substantial profits.

dYdX: dYdX is a well-known margin trading protocol within the cryptocurrency sector. It is known as a platform that has conducted the largest retrodrop in history: 7.5% of total token supply was distributed to loyal users. Everyone who had traded at least $1 was rewarded with 310 dYdX. At the same time, the guys who had traded as much as $1m were granted 9529 dYdX.

1inch: On Christmas 2020, 1Inch, an indirect Uniswap competitor, distributed 4.8M 1INCH tokens to 9000 Mooniswap users, giving each user 500 1INCH tokens worth $3000. An additional 3.57M 1INCH tokens were distributed between 1300 users who had been contributing to liquidity mining starting from November 2020. 

How to Find Retroactive Airdrops?

Retroactive airdrops can be a lucrative opportunity for crypto investors and enthusiasts to earn free tokens from DeFi projects. However, finding these airdrops can be a challenge, as you never know whether the retroactive airdrop is going to happen unless a project announces it (and it is already too late).

  • The most important tip we recommend is to check out CoinLaunch Retrospective Airdrop List where we research, review and update information about DeFi airdrops regularly. In this way, you can rest assured that no projects with retractive potential will be missed.
  • One way to find retroactive airdrops is to follow the social media accounts of DeFi influencers, projects and platforms. 
  • Another strategy is to monitor crypto news and media outlets that cover the DeFi space. 
  • One can also keep an eye on projects that haven’t released a token. 
  • Finally, it can be helpful to join online communities and forums that focus on DeFi and crypto investing. 

By staying up-to-date with timely information, you can position yourself to take advantage of potential opportunities as they arise.