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Discover Upcoming Crypto Private Sales With CoinLaunch

CoinLaunch is a premier analytical service that consolidates information on crypto private sales, helping individuals and institutions receive accurate and updated information regarding the associated investors and fundraising milestones a project achieved.

Crypto private sales are a critical stage of funding for many innovative projects that focus on receiving money from large institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, VCs, and strategic partners who are interested in getting involved in a project development at an early stage. For retail investors, crypto private sales serve as a source of insights regarding a project’s progress, as well as recognition by industry experts and overall potential.

Do not overlook crypto private sales. Despite being unable to participate directly, it is crucial to stay informed about upcoming private sales to always stay ahead of what's coming into the market in the near future.


What Is a Token Private Sale?

A crypto private sale is a funding round with the main goal of acquiring an influx of money  from a limited investor base, including accelerators, incubators, venture capital funds, high- net-woth individuals etc. Usually, the terms of the coin lock (aka vesting schedule) of this round are more strict to private investors. Since the end of a Private Sale round, there is not much time left before the project goes to market (TGE). Usually, it takes less than one year.

During a private round, a project must already have a finalized and clear tokenomics, decent marketing exposure and a well-thought-out plan for a public token distribution. All the funds raised through a private sale are usually utilized to finance further public sales, especially marketing activity and product development. 

How to participate in a private token sale?

Both seed and private sales are funding rounds that are typically reserved for an exclusive group of investors who have an ability to provide a fundamental strategic assistance, such as  networking, tokenomics & market making advisory, and listing support, and contribute a significant portion of money to a project they believe in. The investments required for private sales are often substantial, making them inaccessible to an average retail investor. Instead you have a chance to become one of a few initial token holders by participating in public sales, such as ICOsIDOs, and IEOs, and sometimes Pre-sale. Unlike private sales, these public token sale events are accessible to a wider range of investors and do not typically require significant funding.

How to Find Private Sale In Crypto?

Finding upcoming private token sales can’t be easy because they aren’t available for a wide range of investors. However, following the activity of sophisticated investors, participating in crypto conferences, attending relevant events, and following projects that have passed their seed funding rounds can provide valuable insights into upcoming or ongoing private token sales. In addition, it would not hurt to join a few crypto investing-related communities and follow the industry updates, as prominent media outlets and blogs often cover the hottest private token sales. Or, you can just turn to CoinLaunch, a platform that finds and evaluates all private sales and compiles a comprehensive list accompanied by in-depth reviews and ratings.

Are private sales in crypto safe?

Like any other fundraising round, private sales carry risks that shouldn’t be overlooked. First things first, private sales in crypto are conducted in a less regulated environment compared to public sales, which carries more risks for potential investors. Secondly, private token sales require a much bigger amount of investment than public sales and at the same time are riskier because the fate of the project is still unpredictable.