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All-in-one Community Sale Crypto Calendar by CoinLaunch

New terms and concepts pop up in the crypto industry almost every day. One novice term that has captured the attention of many investors and project developers is a "community fundraising round." Essentially, the community round involves the distribution of tokens solely between a vase of early supporters and adopters of a project.

While community rounds are gaining popularity, they are not as common as traditional fundraising methods such as ICOs, IDOs or private sales, which makes the hunt for them almost impossible. Fortunately, CoinLaunch platform has a whole list and analytical section dedicated to it!

Our experts scour the Internet daily to find, review and rate upcoming and ongoing community fundraising rounds. By utilizing our specially developed rating system that is based on 80+ metrics - CoinLaunch Score - you can easily see the evaluation of a project’s potential on a scale from 0 to 100.


What is community funding in crypto?

Community funding is a crypto fundraising round that exclusively targets crypto and blockchain communities, mostly retail. Just like retrodrops are meant to reward early product adopters, projects that conduct a community fundraising round want to reward their loyal supporters by giving them a chance of winning token allocation before the actual public sale.  

By offering this exclusive opportunity to their dedicated supporters, crypto startups can express gratitude for people’s ongoing engagement and support. It allows community members to have a privileged position in the token allocation process, potentially obtaining tokens at the cheapest price.

The intention behind these community fundraising rounds is to foster a sense of inclusivity and strengthen the relationship between a project and its community. By providing loyal supporters with early access to token allocations, projects strive to show appreciation for their contribution.

How to Participate in a Crypto Startup Funding Round?

Some of a few community rounds were hosted on specifically addicted platforms of projects. Sometimes, such rounds have been arranged on crypto launchpads. Anyway, the participation flow is almost the same in all cases.

A common participation flow stand as follows:

  1. Find an active or upcoming project from a list, in a community round of which you want to participate. 
  2. Perform a set of actions to meet community sale requirements; 
  3. Go to a project’s website by its official link.
  4. Connect a wallet (the whitelisted one).
  5. Sign up your account or log in.
  6. Pass KYC verification.
  7. Choose a round to participate in.
  8. Deposit money and receive your tokens.

How to find a blockchain fundraising round early?

Finding new fundraising rounds early can be challenging, but there are few ways to stay ahead of the game:

  1. Follow crypto news channels on social media and messengers. By monitoring trustworthy crypto news sources you can stay updated on the latest announcements regarding various token sale rounds, including crypto community fundraising events.
  2. Attend crypto conferences and blockchain-related events. By doing this, you can find out project owners that are conducting community rounds or discover upcoming events.
  3. Join reputable crypto communities. Another method to discover new community rounds early is being a member of different crypto communities focused on investments.
  4. Check out crypto analytical aggregators. The platforms, like CoinLaunch, present a comprehensive list of all the current, ended and upcoming blockchain fundraising rounds with in-depth reviews and ratings. 

Are Crowdfunding Blockchain Startups Safe?

All investments, including blockchain startups, can’t be 100% safe. They always carry particular risks, including a lack of project viability, high market volatility, lack of liquidity, and others. But it doesn't mean you should opt out of cryptocurrency investments at all. You just need to take necessary precautions to mitigate these risks. We recommend you not invest all your money in single projects. Instead, try to diversify your blockchain startup investment portfolio. Also, before making any decisions, find a reputable and trustworthy source of information to turn to. CoinLaunch is your go-to crypto aggregator that finds, reviews and rates crypto tokens at different stages of their life cycle.