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binance labs logoBinance LabsVery HighIncubation1Very High
Very High
Polygon Studios LogoPolygon StudiosMediumIncubation2High
Magnus Capital logoMagnus CapitalN/AIncubation2N/A
Basics Capital logoBasics CapitalN/AIncubation3N/A
ChainGPT Labs LogoChainGPT LabsN/AIncubation3N/A
Faculty Group logoFaculty GroupN/AIncubation3N/A
Gate LabsGate LabsN/AIncubation3N/A
Maven Capital LogoMaven CapitalN/AIncubation3N/A
Oblivion Labs logoOblivion LabsN/AIncubation3N/A
SkryLabs logoSkry LabsN/AIncubation3N/A
Tané logoTané LabsN/AIncubation3N/A
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What is an incubator in crypto?

A blockchain incubator is an organization that supports early-stage startups in their growth and development in the crypto industry. As a rule, crypto incubators focus on supporting projects that are at the conceptual stage and have little more than just an idea. Many of these startups may not even have a fully formed team in place yet. Blockchain incubators contribute to the success of crypto ventures in several ways, including a provision of mentorship, funding, infrastructure, workshops, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Participating in blockchain incubator programs often involves a commitment of several months, during which a project may be required to relocate to a specific location for the duration of the program. Throughout the program, the incubator works diligently to help a startup’s team refine and shape their initial idea into a fully developed and viable business concept. By the end of the program, a startup should be well-prepared for pitching to potential investors.

What is a crypto accelerator?

A crypto accelerator is a type of an investment fund that aids startups in their development to help them grow in the crypto industry. Similarly to crypto incubators, cryptocurrency accelerators are designed to help crypto entrepreneurs develop and adopt their product quickly and efficiently. 

Essentially, crypto accelerators provide startups with four key benefits:

  1. Funding;
  2. Guidance in tech development and marketing;
  3. Credibility;
  4. Network of VCs and angel investors that focus on the blockchain and cryptocurrency space;

As a project owner, you have no chance to cooperate with a crypto accelerator until your pitch has financial sense. It’s crucial to show blockchain accelerators what impact their investments will have on your business and the projected earnings they could get by buying a piece of your company.

Blockchain startup incubator vs accelerator

To start with, crypto startups come to a crypto incubator at the idea stage, when the team is just being formed, and the founders are studying the crypto market. Here, aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to build a business from scratch, and communicate with mentors and other important experts in their field. If your business is at the early stage of its development and you have no clue how to grow it, then a blockchain incubator is your only destination.

On the other hand, an accelerator usually supports projects that have already created something on their own but do not know how to scale. For example, being at the prototype or MVP stage. These projects often have a tangible product, such as a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP), and may even have acquired their first customers. The primary objective of a crypto accelerator is to provide these startups with the necessary resources and guidance to scale their business. Project owners have to ensure their ventures can stand confidently on their feet before searching a crypto accelerator, since an accelerator's primary role is to support startups in scaling their businesses, not in establishing them from scratch.

How to apply for a crypto accelerator program?

  1. Explore various accelerator programs and choose ones aligned with your startup's mission and goals.
  2. Get acquainted with the requirements of a particular program you want to join.
  3. Prepare a short presentation to pitch your startup, business plan, or other type of introduction that is required by a crypto accelerator. Clearly highlight your startup's problem-solving approach and unique value proposition. 
  4. After submitting your application, wait for a response, which typically comes within a few weeks.
  5. Once accepted, reap the benefits and embrace the experience of working with a crypto accelerator.