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Everyone loves a good airdrop. Indeed, receiving a substantial crypto airdrop is often desired by many crypto enthusiasts. However, it can be challenging to secure significant airdrops due to increased competition in free crypto hunting, first adopters privilege and lots of scams. 

Getting a big crypto airdrop is easier said than done, but thankfully we are going to help you. 

CoinLaunch is an ultimate analytical platform that gathers, reviews, filters out and rates all the hottest crypto airdrops in the industry. What can be better than a comprehensive research conducted by industry professionals? CoinLaunch is your trusted information source that checks every crypto airdrop using our expertise and a mathematically developed rating system - CoinLaunch Score - that rates each sweepstake based on >80 variables.

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What are DeFi airdrops?

DeFi cryptocurrency airdrops are strategic marketing moves in the world of decentralized finance in which tokens or coins are provided to eligible participants. The main purpose of such initiatives is to increase people's awareness of the project, generate interest around a product and token, as well as reward its early adopters. It is often necessary to take certain actions in order to receive a reward. This variety may include such actions as trading, minting NFT,  following a crypto project’s social media accounts,  sharing their posts, etc. The winners of cryptocurrency airdrops can freely trade their rewards, unless the token hasn't been listed on crypto exchanges. In this case, you have to wait till the crowdfunding stage is over to buy, sell or exchange your cryptocurrency.

Where to find the best crypto airdrops early?

In order to find the best cryptocurrency airdrops you should:

  1. Join dedicated groups and channels or communities to always stay up to date with all the upcoming and active crypto airdrops on the market.
  2. Keep an eye on crypto projects’ social media and official websites – these are the first places projects announce their airdrop events.
  3. Follow reputable news outlets, such as CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and CryptoSlate to keep track of new cryptocurrency airdrops.
  4. Utilize a crypto analytical platform, like CoinLaunch, where all the crypto earning opportunities appear faster than anywhere else.

How do free airdrops work?

Essentially, all the crypto airdrops have a similar workflow:

  1. The project team announces airdrop through their channels, like social media and website blogs with rules for participation.
  2. The eligibility requirements are defined by a project at the start of the airdrop. They can range from completing certain promotional activities, such as referring a friend or subscribing to all the social media channels, to staking a predetermined amount of tokens on your wallet. 
  3. Those people who meet the criteria have to sign up for the airdrop and pass KYC verification (optional).
  4. After the verification process is complete, the project distributes tokens to the participants’ wallet.

What is the best airdrop in history?

It is difficult to determine the best airdrop, but there are several ones that conducted the biggest giveaways in history:

  1. $6000 Arbitrum. It was the largest distribution in the history of the crypto market – almost 600 thousand wallets received their tokens, and the average allocation was 1859 ARB. There were also lucky ones who got 5,000 ARB each, which was over $6,000 at the listing date.
  2. $1900 SUI. The Discord SUI members who joined before February 1, 2023, received an allocation of 1,500 SUI tokens per account. The money was handed out simply for participating in a discord group, which became the most elementary distribution in history.
  3. $2500 Aptos. They gave away up to $2500 to early adopters. There were about 120k users who minted NFT or placed a node. Aptos did not even bother with the drop criteria, no one checked for abuse or on-chain activities.
  4. $1200 Uniswap. The Uniswap exchange in 2020 credited 400 of its UNI tokens to everyone who made at least one exchange on their DEX within a certain period. At that time, each user of the platform received $1200! However, those who waited only a year were able to sell their 400 tokens for as much as $42 per one at the peak, which amounted to about $17,000!