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Stay Informed About Upcoming Crowdfunding Blockchain Strategic Rounds With Us!

Following a successful seed funding round and with angel investors backing a startup, a crypto project has gained significant traction and attracted the attention of influential entities within the industry. As a result, several discussions have been initiated regarding potential investments in a company, highlighting the growing recognition and interest in this venture.

Strategic sale is a fundraising round that trails seed and angel investments. Its main purpose is to find long-term strategic investors (partners) and advisors. During this round, a project’s developers move on to developing tokenomics and deciding on a blockchain it will be launched. Strategic sales are associated with prominent players, such as major blockchain protocols, established crypto exchanges, popular DeFi projects, and other influential entities. These strategic investors bring not only capital but also industry expertise, networks, and resources to the startup they are investing in.

CoinLaunch is an ultimate platform that brings all the strategic sales in one comprehensive list, with each one having its own in-depth review and rating. Based on their extensive experience gained in practice, our experts know exactly what needs to be analyzed in an emerging token. Get a holistic overview of each fundraising round with the help of CoinLaunch Score - our unique rating system that is based upon 80+ token-related factors.


What is a blockchain crowdfunding platform?

To ensure maximum impartiality and transparency of the process, projects conduct their fundraisers through specialized platforms. A blockchain crowdfunding platform is a website that provides infrastructure for cryptocurrency startups to raise funds in a decentralized manner. Cryptocurrency crowdfunding services bring together entrepreneurs and aspiring investors. A firm that generates funds for its project must develop its own native coin(s) on any blockchain of choice. In rewards for their investments, blockchain investors receive a token allocation that allows them to buy cryptocurrencies at their cheapest prices.

What are blockchain funding rounds?

The blockchain round is the stage when a crypto project asks different crypto investors for funding. Broadly speaking, all crypto investment stages can be classified into 2 groups:  private rounds and public rounds. 

  • During private rounds, blockchain projects aim to forge strategic partnerships and secure substantial funding from angel investors, friends, families, venture capital funds, influencers, and other investment entities. Private fundraising rounds include: seed round, private round, strategic round, community round, influencers round and a pre-sale.
  • During public rounds, crypto startups concentrate their efforts on promoting their token to a wider audience of potential investors who are interested in participating in the token sale event alongside larger investment institutions. These public rounds typically take the form of an ICO, IEO, IDO, STO, ILO, and IFO.

The benefits of crowdfunding using blockchain

  1. Using blockchain technologies in crowdfunding make the process more transparent, decrease the possibility of scams, and increase trust between the project team and investors.
  2. Due to the fact that traditional crowdfunding platforms often involve third parties, there are additional fees. Since blockchain crowdfunding platforms don’t involve intermediates, more funds can flow directly to the project creators.
  3. Blockchain crowdfunding platforms imply using smart contracts in the crowdfunding process. Smart contracts ensure automating the biggest part of processes, including verifications, distribution of rewards, etc.

What is a crypto strategic investor?

A crypto strategic investor is an influential company or a private individual that is willing to fund your venture at the stage of a strategic token sale and support your project by own expertise and networking capabilities in the long-run. Strategic sales specifically target  venture capital firms, hedge funds, private equity firms, cryptocurrency exchanges (both CEXes and DEXes), market makers, influencers, blockchain accelerators and incubators.

Crypto strategic investors often take a proactive role in the development of projects they invest in, providing more than just capital. Their contributions can include providing strategic advice, participating in governance decisions, assisting with business development, leveraging their network of business partners etc.