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Due to a huge influx of crypto quests released, it can be overwhelming to find a decent one to participate in. Don’t worry, we got you covered! CoinLaunch is your trusted information source that thoroughly finds, analyzes and rates all the upcoming and ongoing crypto quests in the industry.

We conduct research with the same level of due diligence you would expect, but with an added touch of excellence, professionalism and mathematical approach. Thanks to our specifically developed rating system - CoinLaunch Score - we are able to rate each crypto quest based on 80+ factors to make the choice easier for you. Our research methodology goes above and beyond, surpassing even the highest standards you would expect.

Discover the list of all the best blockchain quests on CoinLaunch!


What Is a Crypto Quest?

A crypto quest are adventure-themed games or events where participants navigate through a series of challenges and riddles to earn rewards. These activities range from solving puzzles, exploring metaverses, and scavenger hunters to mini games and other interactive and collaborative tasks. The use of smart contracts in crypto quests allows their participants to seamlessly track their progress and gain ownership of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens. The main objective behind these events is to drive the excitement, FOMO and awareness around a certain blockchain initiative.

What Kinds Of Crypto Quests Are There?

The theme and activities you are going to endeavor vary from one crypto quest to another. However, they generally fall into three common types, each offering a distinct experience and set of challenges:

  1. Educational quests. Such quests require participants to answer trivia questions about blockchain, a particular cryptocurrency or a project. It also may be completing educational tasks. A good example is Ledger Quest.
  2. Blockchain-gaming quests. In the gaming quests participants have to complete missions within the game or collect particular game assets. As a reward, they can get in-game assets, tokens, or other digital assets. The best example of such quests is Sandbox in-game events
  3. Community-driven quests. The task of participants of such quests is to drive the community into the project. It may be sharing posts on social media, referring new users, or attending the project’s events. A good example is Arbitrum Odyssey

How to Find Crypto Quests Early?

  • The most straightforward way to find upcoming crypto quests is to google related queries. 
  • Another way to find crypto quests is by searching by hashtags, like #cryptoquest or #NFTquest on different social media channels. 
  • However, the most proven method so far is to follow CoinLaunch - a one-stop-shop platform where you can find comprehensive analysis information on each crypto quest that is currently functioning or is going to in the near future.