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What Is a Meme Contest in Crypto?

A crypto meme contest is a competition in which the participants create memes related to a particular project, cryptocurrency, or situation. For projects, it is a good way to engage their community and boost brand awareness. Moreover it is a great way to connect with the community and engage with it. By creating memes, participants can showcase their creativity and skills, and potentially get rewards and recognition from a project’s team.

How Does a Crypto Trading Contest Work?

A crypto trading contest is another form of competition that is developed by cryptocurrency exchanges or trading platforms in which the participants trade and compete with each other.  It is a great way for both crypto veterans and novice traders to test their skills and potentially win rewards. One of the key metrics used to evaluate each trader's performance is a trading volume. Another is P&L. Hosting crypto trading contests can increase crypto exchange’s liquidity, trading volume, user base and community engagement. As an active trader, you can capitalize on the activities you are already engaged in and reap additional benefits and rewards.

The Most Popular Referral Contest Crypto Events

At the time of writing, the Top 3 list of the most lucrative crypto referral contests of 2023 stands as follows: 

1. Binance. The Binance affiliate program offers up to 50% commission on trading fees generated by referred users, and partners can earn a commission on all trading pairs and products on the platform.

2. Paxful. The Paxful Affiliate Program offers a commission of 50% of the escrow commission for each trade your referral makes during the first year and 10% of the escrow commission for the following year.

3. Good Crypto. This crypto trading app provides monthly payouts to affiliates from the revenue generated from its referrals. Invite friends to GoodCrypto with a custom referral link. Get up to 50% of their subscription spend, and up to $10 for each $1M they trade in the app! Your invitees will get a 25% discount on the Annual PRO plan if they sign up with your link.

What Kind of NFT Contest Events Are There?

NFT contests are a great way for creators, artists, and collectors to showcase their talents and skills, and potentially get rewards. Here some popular types of NFT contests:

  1. NFT Art Contests: These contests are focused on creating unique NFTs that showcase the artistry and creativity of the creator. The DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition was organized in 2021 to inspire humanity to climate actions. Participants had the opportunity to win a total of 3000 € in prizes for public voting winners.  
  2. Gaming Contests: These contests are focused on creating NFTs in the form of game assets, virtual spaces, or participating in gaming tournaments with NFT prizes. Such NFT contests are often organized by various P2E games, such as Axie Infinity, where players can win NFTs representing avatars, equipment, or stickers.
  3. Music Contests: These events are focused on creating NFTs that are related to music, such as album covers, concert tickets, or even entire albums. CelestionPlus, a service that offers Celestion guitar speaker and bass speaker tones as downloadable Impulse Responses, organized a music NFT contest in 2022. Winners got promotions for their creations on the site and premium subscriptions to sponsors.