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What is IFO crypto: Meaning

Initial Farm Offering (IFO in short) is a crowdfunding method that involves raising capital with a use of liquidity by means of token farming feature. Token IFO events are related to DeFi space and are only hosted on decentralized exchanges, like PancakeSwap and StreetSwap. By utilizing an Initial Farm Offering, a particular project can distribute its tokens not only through pre-funded pools but also by offering yield farming rewards. This strategic process not only ensures a fair token distribution but also generates additional liquidity for the decentralized protocol hosting the IFO. 

How does an IFO (Initial Farm Offering) work?

To take part in an IFO event, participants are required to contribute liquidity to a pool that meets the eligibility criteria for the IFO. In exchange for providing liquidity to a newly emergent token, investors are granted a project's native tokens in a form of yield. After the IFO passes, token holders can trade their cryptocurrencies on a DEX that hosted an IFO sale.

Essentially, participating in an IFO event simply means participation in liquidity mining activities while a project expands to different blockchains and continues to develop a product.

How can you buy an IFO token?

There are various IFO platforms that mean different user flows. Since the most famous platform for conducting IFOs is PancakeSwap, here is a brief participation guide for this platform:

  1. ​Complete your PancakeSwap profile setup.
  2. Buy CAKE tokens
  3. Lock CAKE in the CAKE syrup pool to get iCAKE.
  4. While the sale is live, commit your CAKE tokens to buy the IFO tokens.
  5. When the sale is complete, claim the IFO tokens you've bought. 

What is the difference between crypto IFO vs IDO?

The concept of IFO was initially pioneered by the PancakeSwap DEX. It shares similarities with an IDO, but in order to participate in an IFO, users are required to possess LP tokens.

As a rule, during IFO events, tokens are distributed based on the provided liquidity. The more liquidity you provide to the pool - the more tokens you will get. On the other hand, IDO participants get a predetermined amount of tokens based on the amount of base currency they invest.

What is the IFO crypto launch process?

  1. A token project selects a DeFi platform that offers IFO services and creates a farming pool.
  2. A token project determines a number of tokens that will be allocated for the IFO. This allocation is usually split into two portions: tokens for sale and tokens for liquidity mining rewards.
  3. The IFO project opens a contribution phase, in which investors contribute liquidity to the pool. As a result, they get liquidity provider tokens, which means a share of the pool.
  4. After the contribution phase, the project conducts a token sale using the contributed liquidity. Participants receive tokens in proportion to their contribution.

Safety tips for participating in an IFO cryptocurrency projects

The easiest way to minimize risks is to diversify them. That is, to distribute the potential amount of investments into several parts and invest in different projects.

Another way to minimize risks is to turn to experts that possess knowledge, infrastructure and experience in doing proper due diligence on IFO platforms, projects and their potential. CoinLaunch is a must-have service in the arsenal of every aspiring crypto investor. We constantly scour the internet to find, filter, analyze and evaluate projects that are undergoing IFO rounds to present you with a comprehensive IFO projects assortment.