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Discover the Hottest Blockchain Grants & Crypto Funding Opportunities With CoinLaunch

CoinLaunch is a leading analytical service that collects and rates all the companies that provide funding grants for blockchain industry-based projects and ideas. 

A lot of innovative ideas that are thriving now wouldn’t be possible without crypto grants. They elevate the potential of cryptocurrency and broaden the horizons of blockchain applications. At CoinLaunch, we are committed to spreading reliable information to help individual investors and companies find their way in the world of blockchain. Through extensive and meticulous research, our team of experts has developed a comprehensive rating system that provides a holistic overview of a project’s potential based on 80+ factors.

Keep up with the currently available NFT, Web3 and DeFi grants we regularly research and review on CoinLaunch!


What Is a Blockchain Grant?

Blockchain startup grants are a form of financial support for crypto startups or projects that help businesses facilitate the development of their innovative ideas. Blockchain grants are typically presented in the form of a blockchain or network native tokens or other liquid cryptocurrencies like ETH and BTC. 

Hundreds of famous crypto projects you know could not be recognized or even launched without crypto grants. Crypto grants are intended to encourage the development of infrastructure, dApps and other applications that will potentially boost the adoption of blockchain technology providing funding.

How Can You Participate in a Grant Crypto Program?

Here we gathered the key steps you should follow if you decide to participate in a crypto grant program:

  1. Research grant programs that will align with your project’s philosophy and technology.
  2. Prepare a well-structured proposal that will embody your project’s goal, timeline, and expected outcome.
  3. Carefully take a look at application instructions by a grant program. Ensure that you are aware of all requirements and meet all criteria for a grant program.
  4. After submitting your application, the grant program will evaluate your proposal based on their special criteria. Be prepared that additional information may be required. 

Are There NFT Grants Programs?

Certainly, there are NFT grants that provide funding specially for projects related to non-fungible tokens. Money received from the NFT grant program is used for the development and marketing of the NFT-related projects, or initiatives, such as NFT marketplaces, collectibles, infrastructure and new concepts. 

If you decide to participate in an NFT grant, make sure that you are aware of the specific instructions and application requirements by each grant program. CoinLaunch offers an in-depth overview of each cryptocurrency grant from the curated list, that is updated on a regular basis, where you can find all the necessary information related to your desired funding opportunity.

What Are Web3 Grants Programs?

Web3 grant programs are a valuable funding opportunity for young projects and crypto startups aiming to implement new solutions and develop applications utilizing Web3 technologies. The goal of Web3 grants programs is to encourage innovation in the Web3 ecosystem by researching new protocols, developing decentralized apps, smart contracts and funding blockchain startups. Web3 grants come in different shapes and forms and can range from technical support and consultancy to monetary encouragement and access to necessary resources.

To apply for funding, you should check out our curated Web3 grants list, pick a few that match your needs and submit a proposal outlining your project and its potential impact on the Web3 ecosystem. 

Crypto Mining Grants: What Are They?

Cryptocurrency mining grants are funding solutions provided by blockchain organizations and foundations to support innovative projects aimed at improving the efficiency and sustainability of crypto mining. Examples of crypto mining grant initiatives include the development of more energy-efficient mining hardware, the use of renewable energy sources for mining operations, and the development of software solutions that optimize the mining process.

Сrypto mining grants foster the development of blockchain networks and reduce the entry barriers for miners in areas with more expensive electricity and equipment.

Why Do Companies Offer Grants for Blockchain Projects?

Organizations offer cryptocurrency grants for various reasons:

  1. Blockchain technology is still in an early stage of development, so it needs continued development and innovation.
  2. By giving blockchain grants, companies can discover and engage with talented individuals and teams. This can lead to successful collaborations in the future and appearance of new innovations.
  3. Grants also give companies the ability to promote themselves and create buzz around their brand. It can enhance their reputation and engage attention from the broader community.