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DeFi Coins List: The Simplest Way to Detect Perspective Token Sales

When the world is overflown with emerging DeFi applications and services, DeFi crypto tokens and coins are being added to many traders’ watchlists. You may be wondering, how to determine really trustworthy DeFi crypto coins among the infinite flow of new projects. Fortunately, we have developed a platform that can assist you in that matter. 

CoinLaunch is a comprehensive crypto ranking platform of all ICO, IDO & IEO token sales from the world of decentralized finance. We find, review, and select the best upcoming and active DeFi token offerings to save your time and effort you would have made on researching lucrative crypto investments by yourself. Our specialists with a financial, marketing and blockchain technology background have reviewed dozens of DeFi projects and developed a special rating system - CoinLaunch Score. The scoring model evaluates the potential of a new project based on >80 token-related factors to help you get the most clear picture of the desired investment potential.


DeFi ICO vs DeFi IDO - What's the difference?

DeFi ICO is a fundraising method that implies selling tokens of Decentralized Finance projects directly to investors via ICO platforms, like CoinList or TokenSoft, or directly via a project’s website. Usually, if you want to participate in an ICO event, you must pass KYC/AML verification.

On the other hand, DeFi IDO is a fundraising method by which DeFi tokens are sold on DEXes or related launchpads with a requirement to stake, hold or use a DEX or launchpad’s native token. IDOs are conducted through liquidity pools or direct decentralized token sale events controlled and processed by smart contracts, where investors can buy them via a user’s non-custodial crypto wallet and without passing KYC/AML verification.

How to find a secure DeFi IDO/ICO/IEO early?

There are a few proven methods of how you can spot DeFi crypto projects in their early stages:

  1. Read trusted crypto media outlets: It can help you stay informed about what’s happening in the cryptocurrency space.
  2. Join specialized crypto communities: Another method to discover new DeFi crypto projects early is being a member of different crypto communities focused on new token sale events.
  3. Follow crypto influencers: Track the latest insights shared by Key Crypto Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on social media, especially those who specialize in DeFi.
  4. Check out news and updates from leading crypto launchpads: These platforms  launch and always promote upcoming token sales on their websites, social media and email letters. Here is the full list of TOP Crypto Launchpads to track.
  5. Find a reputable Token Sale analytics platform: To find perspective DeFi crypto projects early and avoid scams, you should use trusted crypto ranking platforms, such as CoinLaunch, where you can find all upcoming DeFi tokens and coins with in-depth reviews and scoring attached to each profile.

What are ICO/IEO/IDO DeFi tokens?

Decentralized ICO tokens were issued through an ICO fundraising campaign that usually takes place in the ICO platform or a website of the project, while Decentralized IDO tokens were launched through a decentralized exchange fundraising campaign on the special crypto launchpad. IEO DeFi tokens, on the other hand, were issued through an exchange-based fundraising campaign, where a blockchain project partners with an exchange to launch and sell their new tokens to investors.

What are the best ICO DeFi Tokens of all time?

Depending on what the term “success” means to you. 

  • So far, BItDAO (BIT), Anchor Protocol (ANC) and Parrot Protocol (PRT) have raised the most funds during their tokesale stages. 
  • Based on the current ROI, Aave (AAve), THORChain (RUNE) and Dao Maker (DAO) are three DeFi projects on top of the list. 
  • If we look at the ATH ROI as the comparison metric, Centaur (CNTR), THORChain (RUNE) and AstroSwap (ASTRO) are the best DeFi projects at the time of writing.

What is the purpose of DeFi tokens?

The main goal of DeFi crypto tokens is to incentivize people to participate in the decentralized economy and use various Dapps. These cryptocurrencies power DeFI applications and networks that are meant to transform the operation of standard financial systems, respectively, to eliminate (or at least reduce) the need for third parties. These coins give their users access to a set of different financial services and mechanics, like liquidity provision and staking, completely excluding intermediaries from the operation process.

What are the risks associated with an investment in DeFi projects?

The DeFi service market is still at the early stage of development and is a field for innovation. The majority of DeFi projects are an experiment. That is why it is still too early to talk about the absolute reliability of decentralization. Decentralized finance was programmed to create a financial system that would function independently from traditional economic and political systems. However, due to certain problems of insufficient decentralization of DeFi, there is a risk that the autonomous economy may completely fall into the hands of private developers. Nevertheless, there are several TRUE DeFI projects like Curve Finance, MakerDAO and AAve that proved their real decentralized nature and sustainability.