New Crypto Seed Sale Rounds


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Don’t Miss Out On the Seed Sales In Crypto With CoinLaunch

Even if you don't have an opportunity to invest in a seed round, it doesn’t mean you shouldn't track its progress or observe a project starting from this fundraising stage.

By examining a company’s seed sale, you can assess its early investors and whether a project achieved initial milestones. The presence of respected angel investors, venture capitalists, or strategic partners at this stage can serve as an indication of a project's potential and recognition by industry experts and large investors.

Stay informed and engaged as you observe the progress of each funding stage with CoinLaunch. With our comprehensive reviews, ratings and analysis, you can easily compare all the ongoing and past crypto seed sales. Take advantage of our specially developed rating system - CoinLaunch Score - that considers 80+ token-related factors to determine the overall potential of a token offering.


What Is Seed Sale In Crypto?

Cryptocurrency seed sale is usually the very first fundraising round that is conducted before private and public sales. Initial funding for this stage usually comes from the founder’s pockets, friends and family savings, angel investors and venture capital firms. It is a critical phase where they should demonstrate the viability and potential of their token offering. In a seed round, the amount of money raised varies, spanning as low as $100,000-200,000 to as high as $4-5 millions.

How to participate in a token seed sale round?

As a rule, seed sales are exclusively targeted at close relatives, friends, team members, angel investors and VCs. Just look at the numbers - the average seed round size is $2.2 million. Given these circumstances, there is no way regular retail investors could find this amount of money to invest in a project that can’t even prove itself.

As an aspiring crypto enthusiast, you have a chance to become one of the first token holders by participating in public sales, such as ICO, IDO, IEO, etc. Alternatively, you can participate in the Pre-sale of some crypto projects if you meet the criteria. These token sale events are focused on a wider investor base and do not require significant funds.

What is a crypto seed funding process like?

  • First things first, project owners that just announced a seed sale should understand who the right investors are for their business. 
  • When they have a clear persona in mind, they start reaching out to people and institutions that match their criteria and can provide significant funding for their venture. 
  • Nurturing and communication with potential investors is a crucial part of the process that takes the most time and effort. 
  • The investors that agreed to contribute to a project gain a portion of the company's ownership or tokens. 

What happens after a seed sale token round?

The fundraising process of blockchain startups usually starts with a seed sale and then continues with a strategic investment round, private sale and finally public sale. 

All the funds that were raised during a seed sale are used to finance product development, market research and founding team. The funds raised in subsequent investment rounds following the seed sale are typically utilized for advancing the product, hiring new team members, and executing marketing activities.