Top Crypto Angel Investors

New Angel Investors In Cryptocurrency


Fund Score Type Tier Project Support Social Influence
APompliano Anthony Pompliano Medium Angel Investors 1 N/A
Balaji Srinivasan logoBalaji Srinivasan N/A Angel Investors 1 N/A
 Vitalik Buterin (vitalik.eth)Vitalik Buterin N/A Angel Investors 1 N/A
Meltem Demirors photoMeltem Demirors N/A Angel Investors 2 N/A
default coinlaunch logoAdrian Lai N/A Angel Investors 3 N/A
Ahmed Al-Balaghi Ahmed Al-Balaghi N/A Angel Investors 3 N/A
Hongfei DA photoDa Hongfei N/A Angel Investors 3 N/A
David Chan David Chan N/A Angel Investors 3 N/A
Elad Gil photoElad Gil N/A Angel Investors 3 N/A
Eric WallEric Wall N/A Angel Investors 3 N/A
Evgeny Yurtaev photoEvgeny Yurtaev Very Low Angel Investors 3 N/A
Fred Ehrsam photoFred Ehrsam N/A Angel Investors 3 N/A
George Chu PhotoGeorge Chu Very Low Angel Investors 3 N/A
Gustavo Menezes PhotoGustavo Menezes N/A Angel Investors 3 N/A
Jack Herrick photoJack Herrick N/A Angel Investors 3 N/A
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Discover the Top-tier Cryptocurrency Angel Investors With CoinLaunch!

In the dynamic world of crypto fundraising, finding a wise and smart investor is one of the most crucial steps of a project's development and growth. To turn all ideas into reality, projects need to raise capital from influential yet supportive investment entities, as well as individual investors. Attracting angel investors has been and continues to be an effective business move when it comes to early stage fundraising. 

CoinLaunch is an innovative platform that  tracks investments in the crypto and blockchain space. We have analyzed dozens of token sale projects and crypto angel investors to present you with reliable stats and information on each individual or a team from our list. What’s more, to add an element of unbiased evaluation, our team members have developed a special rating system, CoinLaunch Score, that is based on 80+ factors related to crypto angel investors’ performance and influence.

Check out CoinLaunch to find the best crypto and blockchain angel investors to follow, target and reach out for. Monitor their investments and explore projects they’ve supported with us!


What Are Angel Investors In Crypto?

A cryptocurrency angel investor is a high-networth individual who provides financial support to crypto startups and projects at very early stages, usually in exchange for an ownership stake in the company, and sometimes without any compensation. The funds they provide can be provided in the form of a one-time investment aimed to help founders get their business off the ground or an ongoing money infusion to keep a company going till closing the next fundraising round.

Most crypto angel investors have extensive knowledge and expertise in the crypto market and the blockchain industry in general. Crypto projects that received an investment from an angel investor can also count on getting valuable insights and guidance as well as an access to a large network of contacts and partners that can potentially provide some assistance and additional funding to a project.

How to Find Crypto Angel Investors?

  1. Attend crypto conferences and meetings to connect with business leaders and crypto angel investors that are actively involved in the blockchain space. 
  2. Join online groups on social media and visit forums to discuss investment opportunities and find crypto angel investors you can connect with. 
  3. Get in touch with blockchain and cryptocurrency incubators and accelerators. These entities are known to have an extensive network of crypto investors and funds. 
  4. Find angel investors interested in funding the most promising cryptocurrency startups by using internet resources like CoinLaunch. The most proven and efficient method is to find a platform that is specialized in gathering, analyzing and evaluating various angel investors while providing you with their stats and reviews.

The Most Famous Cryptocurrency Angel Investors Of All Time

  1. Roger Ver. One of the earliest investors in Bitcoin, for which he was nicknamed a “Bitcoin Jesus”. Also, he has invested in other popular crypto projects, including Bitcoin Cash and Kraken.
  2. Barry Silbert.  He is a founder of Digital Currency Group and a well-known crypto advocate that has been invested in various crypto projects, including Ripple, Coinbase, and Circle.
  3. Winklevoss Twins. Two brothers, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, are known as Winklevoss Twins, who made a significant investment in Bitcoin. They are founders of the Gemini crypto exchange. 
  4. Marc Andreessen. One of the angel investors that invested money in such projects as Ripple, Dapper Labs, and Coinbase.

Who are some of the most well known Web3 angel investors?

  1. Olaf Carlson-Wee. One of the most well-known Web3 angel investors, who supports start-ups in the blockchain and crypto realm. He was invested in crypto projects like Polychain Capital, Filecoin, and Dfinity.
  2. Naval Ravikant. He is a famous angel investor that has been involved in various crypto start-ups and established himself as a reliable and professional advisor for crypto entrepreneurs.
  3. Fred Ehrsam. Fred Ehrsam is known as a top-tier angel investor. Thanks to his experience in Web3, he managed to become an investor, who brings not only money to the table, but insightful advice, and useful connections. A venture capital firm co-founded by Fred, Paradigm, has made 95 investments, including CoinbaseCompoundTagomi and Chainalysis.