Fund Score Type Tier Project Support Social Influence
arrington capital logoArrington Capital High Hedge 1 High
The Spartan Group LogoThe Spartan Group High Hedge 1 High
WintermuteWintermute High Hedge 2 High
Cynegetic Investment Management logoCynegetic Investment Management Very Low Hedge 3 N/A
Ledger Prime logoLedgerPrime N/A Hedge 3 N/A
MetaStable Capital Fund LogoMetaStable Capital N/A Hedge 3 N/A
Three Arrows Capital logoThree Arrows Capital N/A Hedge 3 N/A
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CoinLaunch is the only top-tier crypto analytics platform that aggregates and rates all cryptocurrency hedge funds. We work tirelessly to provide you with reliable data on and stats of the leading crypto hedge funds operating in the space. Our experts thoroughly select, analyze and rate every cryptocurrency fund using the CoinLaunch scoring system that takes 80+ variables into account so you get an unbiased and accurate opinion on each fund. Moreover, CoinLaunch's expert team constantly reviews analytical data to provide you with fresh and up-to-date information on every fund, project, launchpad or influencer featured on the website.

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What are crypto hedge fund companies?

Crypto hedge funds are firms that collect funds of investors into the pool and then trade and invest in various digital assets using different strategies in order to profit. Financial specialists, traders and portfolio managers leverage the power of technical and fundamental analysis, while also utilizing sophisticated investment strategies, technology and algorithms to achieve higher ROI for their investors. Crypto hedge funds can partially act as venture capital funds by investing in ICO, IDO, and IEO token sales. 

Crypto hedge funds are open only for accredited investors because of high investment risk. Just like other investment firms, crypto hedge funds charge management fees and, sometimes, performance fees depending on the returns generated for investors. Crypto Hedge funds are considered less risky and more versatile and flexible in profit making than venture capital firms.

Cryptocurrency hedge funds vs venture capital firms

At first glance, it may seem that cryptocurrency hedge funds and venture capital firms are similar in terms of their activity as both of them invest in crypto projects. However, there are some key differences between these two types of funds:

  • Firstly, hedge funds mainly invest in and trade crypto assets, while venture funds invest in blockchain start-ups at the fundraising stage. It follows that crypto hedge funds lean towards short-term and middle-term profit generation, trading and investment tactics due to the high volatility of the crypto market. Venture capital firms, on the other hand, use long-term investment strategies waiting for the early-stage projects they invested in to skyrocket.
  • Secondly, venture capital firms are more accessible to a wide range of investors, while hedge funds work only with accredited investors.
  • Thirdly, crypto hedge funds usually take much lower risk compared to venture funds. 
  • Finally, a crypto hedge fund’s investors can get quick returns on investment due to the funds' the versatile profit generation approach, more aggressive and efficient short-term tactics and an ability to withdraw their capital, or returns, monthly or annually. In turn, with venture capital funds focusing on getting long-term value from investing in blockchain start-ups, their investors tend to wait several years to access their capital and get returns.

How do we compose the CoinLaunch crypto hedge fund list?

Firstly, the CoinLaunch team conducts thorough analysis and strict qualification before adding any firm to our crypto hedge fund list. Our experts have developed the unique CoinLaunch score that evaluates crypto funds from all stand points including their influence, investment and trading activity, media presence, project support, team expertise, etc. Also, this scoring system covers the investment philosophy, size and performance of current/past holdings, team public presence, etc. 

We investigate and evaluate each fund’s social influence, break down their investments by  sub-industries they fall for, gather a list of co-investors and latest deals. We mainly use the information that is publicly available, but along with that, we spice this data set with insights collected behind the scenes through our network.

How to find hedge crypto funds?

In general, there are a few proven methods of how to discover crypto hedge funds:

  • You can easily find and evaluate the best hedge funds by using crypto aggregators, such as CoinLaunch. These platforms generally provide a brief description of each fund, including important numbers and stats. Some of them even provide rankings.
  • Attend crypto events and meet-ups related to crypto investments. By doing this, you may meet crypto fund representatives and discover different types of crypto investment firms, including hedge funds.
  • Follow reliable crypto influencers. They constantly share valuable insights with their followers and often review different projects and funds comprehensively.
  • Find a few big and successful ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs and check out firms that invested in them during Seed and Private rounds. For sure, there you will find some influential crypto hedge funds.