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Stay Informed About Upcoming Cryptocurrency Influencer Crowdfunding Rounds With Us!

A cryptocurrency influencer sale is a fundraising round that specifically targets influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) that operate in the world of crypto and blockchain.
A crypto influencer round is classified as one of a token sale private rounds, since it is exclusively available to influential personas that can spread the word about a project in the long-run in exchange for a token allocation.

People greatly count on the information and opinions from influencers and social media groups when deciding on token sales to invest in. Influencers who prioritize unbiased analysis and focus on the success of the projects they review gain the trust of their audience. Therefore, recognizing the significance of influencers in driving adoption and investor confidence, projects have now begun launching exclusive token sale rounds specifically tailored for influencers. This approach aims to leverage their influential reach and reputation to further promote the project and foster trust among potential investors.

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What are crypto crowdfunding platforms?

To promote fairness and transparency, blockchain fundraises are carried out through special platforms. Such platforms serve as curators of projects, providing cryptocurrency startups with a necessary infrastructure to conduct token sales.

Crypto crowdfunding platforms act as a bridge between startups and prospective investors interested in cryptocurrencies. When a project seeks funding, it usually creates its own native coin(s) on a blockchain of their choice. In return for their investments, investors receive a token allocation that grants them an ability to purchase cryptocurrencies at discounted prices, providing them with an incentive for their support.

What is crypto crowdfunding?

Crypto crowdfunding is the process of raising funds by crypto businesses, organizations, or individuals by means of investments form large institutions as well as retail investors. Most of these fundraising campaigns take place through dedicated platforms called crypto launchpads, with set time frames (by when the money must be raised), and disclose specific monetary goals.

Cryptocurrency crowdfunding process is very similar to the one you can find on the traditional market. The key difference between them lies in the fact that crypto crowdfunding is fully decentralized and signifies purchasing tokens by investors instead of equity. Token holders can sell and buy their acquainted cryptocurrencies once tokens become listed on crypto exchanges to capitalize on possible price fluctuations. It is also important to highlight that the process of acquiring tokens in crypto crowdfunding is significantly faster compared to obtaining shares through traditional crowdfunding methods.

Token crowdfunding with crypto KOLs: Benefits

  1. Cooperating with crypto influencers will increase a project visibility and build trust to a brand since followers, as a rule, are committed to their opinion leaders and are confident in their recommendations.
  2. By contacting KOLs with the same target audience as yours, you will get a significant number of potential investors that will be interested in your project’s development.
  3. After the cooperation with influencers, you will get thousands of interested people, part of which will become your long-term supporters, thereby, creating a community around your project or brand.

Why do projects involve influencers in token crowdfunding?

Crypto projects enlist the assistance of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the crowdfunding process for a specific reason: their influential status. The term "Key Opinion Leader" itself highlights their ability to sway public opinion. By involving KOLs, projects can effectively attract a large number of interested individuals to their cause, resulting in heightened brand visibility, strengthened loyalty, and increased fundraising.

Influencers that provide unbiased analysis and promote only reliable and promising crypto projects gain the trust of the audience. Crypto projects recognize the influencers’ impact on people’s decision-making, that’s why they organize specialized influencer token sales to promote their tokens, build a long-term partnership with an influencer, and raise funds for the subsequent project development and promotion.