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Be aware of the newest and hottest tokens with a complete NFT coins list by Coinlaunch!

With so many NFT-related projects launched each day in the crypto space, the number of prospective NFT coins is growing with rapid speed. CoinLaunch is doing the hard work to help crypto enthusiasts filter them and stay aware of the best new and popular NFT tokens. 

Our team of cryptocurrency experts regularly reviews, analyzes and rates thousands of best NFT crypto projects to present you with the quality investment opportunity assortment. We designed a unique rating system called CoinLaunch Score that assists us in providing an unbiased opinion on the top NFT coins as well as smaller ones. The Score is based on 80+ factors related to NFT tokens’ performance, which are important to assess objectively. It gives our platform’s users a holistic overview of the true token’s potential.


What are NFT crypto coins?

Essentially, NFT coins are digital assets that are used to power NFT ecosystems, games, platforms, marketplaces, and networks. The key difference between NFTs and NFT digital assets lies in the fact that the first ones are non fungible while the second ones can be easily exchanged for other crypto, fiat money or the same NFT coins. NFT cryptocurrencies facilitate the future scalability of the NFT projects’ economy and sometimes serve as governance tokens for their ecosystem.

How to buy ICO, IDO, IEO NFT coins safely?

If you want to complete a safe purchase of NFT ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs, you should firstly find a trustworthy yet ambitious project to invest in. We recommend using a reliable ranking platform, such as CoinLaunch, to avoid scams and evaluate the best coins by their characteristics and performance. Once you’ve made sure the investment is secure, you need to choose a reputable crypto exchange or launchpad to purchase an asset. Thirdly, you should use a secure wallet to transfer an asset to. Remember, that every investment entails certain risks, so it is crucial to make sure that the investment you are going to make won’t wipe out and deteriorate your portfolio.

ICO NFT vs IDO NFT Token Sale.

NFT ICO is an event where an NFT token is sold through the Initial Coin Offering process that takes place on the ICO platform, like CoinList for example, or straight through a project's website. Typically, in order to participate in an NFT ICO event, you must first pass KYC/AML verification. Investors buy tokens on NFT ICOs in the hope to make value when the token rises in price.

NFT IDO is an event by means of which an NFT token is sold through the Initial DEX Offering process that takes place on DEXes or crypto launchpads in exchange for staking, holding, or using a launchpad's native token. NFT IDOs are carried out through liquidity pools or decentralized token sale events that are governed and handled by smart contracts, where investors may purchase them.

How to find the upcoming NFT ICO, IDO & IEO early?

To find the latest NFT ICO/IDO projects you can:

  1. Join NFT communities and follow influencers on social media to regularly observe announcements of the upcoming and ongoing token sales of NFT coins. 
  2. Keep an eye on NFT ecosystems that haven’t launched the token yet but potentially might do this.
  3. Look for the early access tokens on crypto launchpads. Usually, crypto incubators and launchpads like DAO Maker and Polkastarter notify their platform users about upcoming token sales.
  4. Use crypto analytical services and databases, like CoinLaunch, where new tokens and their analysis appear faster than everywhere.

What is NFT STO?

STO NFT token sale is a fundraising method that allows companies to issue security tokens as a representation of ownership or equity, in particular, NFT. In contrast to ICO and IDO, security tokens are securities, so their sale is regulated by the securities laws.

What is the purpose of NFT ICO tokens?

NFT ICO is a fundraising method that is carried out through the Initial Coin Offering mechanism. 

  • The ultimate goal of the NFT ICO event is to raise funds for the development and launching of NFT-based ecosystems and platforms. Also, by means of holding such events, NFT projects build brand awareness, attract early users for their ecosystems, and generate new members for their community.  
  • The investors who receive NFT coins allocations are earning them or buying the tokens at their lowest price and can potentially sell them at a much higher price once the asset is listed on the exchange.