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Token Sales
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Binance LogoBinance LaunchpadVery HighIncubation & Round HostingVery HighVery High
Gate.io Startups logoGate.io StartupHighIncubation & Round HostingMediumHigh
bybit logoBybit LaunchpadHighIncubation & Round HostingHighVery High
OKX logoOKX JumpstartHighIncubation & Round HostingLowHigh
bitmart logoBitMartMediumIncubation & Round HostingVery LowHigh
KuCoin Spotlight logoKuCoin SpotlightHighIncubation & Round HostingHighHigh
Whitebit Launchpad LogoWhiteBIT Launchpad LowRound HostingVery LowMedium
HTX Primelist (ex. Huobi Primelist) LogoHTX Primelist (ex. Huobi Primelist)Very HighIncubation & Round HostingLowHigh
MEXC logoMEXCMediumIncubation & Round HostingMediumHigh
bitget logoBitgetHighIncubation & Round HostingMediumHigh
ascendex logoAscendEXMediumRound HostingLowMedium
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About CoinLaunch and How We Rank IEO Platforms

Welcome to CoinLaunch, a platform where we review, analyze, and rank Initial Exchange Offering launchpads using our proprietary scoring system. Our team of experts has developed a unique score that takes into account a wide range of factors (>80!) including platform’s usability, popularity, token allocation transparency, participation rules, and its overall performance.

Our team of crypto experts is dedicated to researching and evaluating both the latest and well-established IEO platforms, providing you with unbiased insights into their features, performance, projects launched and overall potential.

CoinLaunch provides you with a wide selection of all popular IEO launchpads with a comprehensive review attached to every platform. With us monitoring the crypto market 24/7, you can rest assured that our rankings are always up-to-date and reliable. 


What Is an IEO Launchpad?

IEO launchpad is a decentralized platform that helps cryptocurrency startups raise funding from retail investors. Unlike IDO launchpads, which are standalone platforms specifically created for hosting token sales, IEO launchpads are products created by existing crypto exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges act as intermediaries between the project and its investors, ensuring a project's credibility, transparency and potential by conducting a vetting process.

How Does the IEO Platform Work?

Users turn to IEO launchpads when they search for new and ongoing IEO tokens or any token sale events, while cryptocurrency startups come to the launchpad to raise funds, list their tokens after the token sale event, get recognition and new users and community members. Launching a token on some popular crypto exchange’s IEO launchpad  is very beneficial for emerging projects, since they get to leverage its already established deep liquidity, reputation, and wide community. Both the investors and blockchain startups gain advantage from a rigorous token vetting process conducted by a crypto exchange:  the first ones feel more secure when investing in token sales and the second ones become more trusted and recognized. 

Also, the role of IEO launchpad isn’t limited by extensive analysis and token sale hosting services. Prior to announcing the partnership with a token project, a platform provides support and gives recommendations for the projects regarding their product idea, roadmap, development process, MVP, and other strategic issues.

How to Determine the Top IEO Platforms?

To pick the best IEO platform you need to check which crypto exchange it is backed up with as well as the performance of projects that were launched on this launchpad.

The evaluation of a crypto exchange's reputation, liquidity, social media engagement, and security features is crucial in assessing the performance of an IEO launchpad and projecting potential success of its upcoming token projects. This is because the effectiveness and performance of an IEO launchpad are directly tied to the qualities and capabilities of its mother trading platform. 

A track record of successfully launched tokens is a quality mark of any IEO launchpad. Take your time to review the current ROI of tokens that are listed on crypto exchanges to get insights about the overall launchpad’s potential as well as a level of support it provides to already emerging tokens. 

The Pros of Launching Tokens on the Top IEO Launchpads

Holding a token sale on a launchpad of a leading crypto exchange comes with next advantages:

  • Trust and recognition from investors. The reputation of crypto exchanges depends on what kind of projects are launched on their IEO launchpads. That’s why, the vetting process conducted by launchpads themselves adds up to a project's legitimacy and fosters trust in its potential.
  • Assistance from an IEO launchpad. Tokens issued on the launchpad usually receive significant support from its dedicated community and team. Within the framework of the collaboration, projects are discussed on the launchpad's social media channels, website, and occasionally in joint AMA sessions. What’s more, the team of the launchpad can provide additional assistance to projects regarding their future listings, roadmap, marketing activities, etc.
  • Increased exposure to investors. Being associated with an IEO launchpad of a TOP cryptocurrency exchange is a good sign for any emerging token. Not to mention the fact that holding a token sale event on one of such platforms will bring your projects a significant exposure to potential investors. Besides the access to the community of both crypto launchpad and exchange, blockchain startups have a chance to leverage a huge network of influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) that can be utilized in future promotional activities. 

IDO Launchpad & IEO Launchpad - Which Is Better?

We can`t tell you which launchpad is exactly better because each of them has its own pros and cons. 

First things first, IDO and IEO launchpads represent two different organization models:  the first is decentralized and the second one is centralized. Thanks to the use of smart contracts, IDO platforms offer both investors and projects more control and transparency over their investments. At the same time, IEO platforms serve as intermediaries between investors and blockchain startups, which makes them accountable for any issues that may arise from both parties.

Secondly, usually, after a token sale ends, IEO launchpad lists the tokens on their native exchange as well as other trading platforms. This will result in more liquidity and broad market access that usually a newly listed token lacks. On the other hand, there are IDO launchpads and decentralized exchanges, where liquidity is naturally less deep compared to centralized trading platforms. In this case, a token may have less liquidity once listed and may have to put more effort when searching for listing opportunities.

How Many IEO Launchpads Are There?

There are a great number of IEO platforms in the market, but it is difficult to determine the exact number of them. At the time of writing, there are nearly 25 launchpads connected to crypto exchanges, according to the list curated by Cryptorank. Some of the most popular IEO launchpads are BSCPadKuCoin SpotlightOKX JumpstartGate.io Startup, and Huobi Primelist.