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Influencer Score Top Channel Language Engagement Total Followers
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kevinolearytvKevin O'Leary aka Mr. WonderfulN/ATikTokENN/A
Coach, JVCoach, JVN/ATikTokENN/A
Crypto Mason TikTok logoCrypto MasonMediumTikTokENN/A
Crypto banter logoCrypto BanterVery HighYouTubeENMedium
Crypto Casey Crypto CaseyHighYouTubeENHigh
Kevin Sonei(kmoney_69)Kevin Sonei(kmoney_69)N/ATikTokENN/A
Crypto ZombieCrypto ZombieHighYouTubeENHigh
Crypto SmithCrypto SmithN/ATikTokENN/A
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The Best Crypto TikTok List Reviewed & Ranked by CoinLaunch

CoinLaunch is an all-in-one data source that provides you with the ultimate list of the best crypto TikTok accounts with ratings and in-depth analysis. With more and more people desiring to learn while being entertained, TikTok has become another crypto hub for industry experts to inform, promote and educate people on blockchain-related topics. 

CoinLaunch rates each crypto TikTok account by evaluating >80 factors while assessing a specific influencer, including marketing performance, supported projects, associated funds, online reputation, audience, etc. This dynamic measurement system presents a more accurate and up-to-date reflection of the influencer's activity, track record and potential.


1) How do we rank Tik Tok crypto influencers?

To rank TikTok crypto influencers, we analyze a wide array of data related to each influencer. Also, we developed a special rating system that contains more than 80 variables to perform the most comprehensive evaluation of TikTok KOL accounts for you. The score takes into consideration the age of an account, its coverage, engagement rate, regularity of posting, etc. In addition, our team provides a brief breakdown of each TikTok account. Besides, thanks to the CoinLaunch score and our deep analytics, you can compare crypto TikTok influencers with each other to select the best ones. It helps us deliver more complete information and save your time on conducting your personal research.

2) What are the pros of Tik Tok crypto blogs?

Despite the high competition, it is still possible for newcomers to get wide exposure and gain a follower base quickly on TikTok without additional investments. The app is focused on attracting as many new creators as possible; therefore, the Tiktok algorithms prioritize promotion of new talents. 

Also, TikTok, in fact, is one of the few platforms that give creators complete freedom over content creation. “Blogs” in a format of series, interviews, pranks, experiments, news releases, trading or investing lessons, business advice, psychological analysis, reviews of new exchanges or applications, and so on, get along well in the crypto field and keeps the audience engaged while also educated. 

On the contrary, the crypto content consumers have an access to a huge amount of news and educational content of various types and formats to choose from. These are the two biggest advantages of Crypto TikTok.

3) What kind of information do crypto TikTok influencers provide?

Crypto influencers on TikTok range from creators who cover one subtopic like blockchain technology, market analytics, technical analysis, altcoins, NFTs, ICOs to “generalists” who post content on several topics on one account. Some crypto TikTokers have enough experience and influence to create enough demand for a crypto asset by a single video, thereby significantly affecting its price.

4) What is CrypTok?

CrypTok is a popular hashtag TikTok creators use to describe and label their videos. Hashtags (keywords) are an important tool for growing your TikTok follower base and increasing your reach. Every TikTok crypto influencer has his or her own tone of voice, blog topic and a number of hashtags that are related to the topic of the videos published or an account overall. The CrypTok Influencers can talk about blockchain technologies, crypto investment strategies, trading, or provide educational content for newbies. Every TikTok creator occupies his/her niche and engages with the corresponding target audience via hashtags.

5) Why follow TikTok blockchain influencers?

The main reason to follow them is getting up-to-date news, insights and useful educational content on the crypto topics in TikTok's interesting and engaging format. Experienced crypto traders and blockchain investors can provide comprehensive trading guidelines, deep insight on technical analysis, investment strategies, and reviews of already existing and emerging crypto projects. With this information, you can capitalize on various cryptocurrency speculating opportunities in time. Most TikTok influencers win over their audience with humorous yet insightful comments about what is happening in crypto.

6) How to find the best crypto Tik Tok accounts?

  • Firstly, you need to search for relevant hashtags, like #crypto, #cryptotrading, and #blockchain, on the “Search” Page on the TikTok itself. 
  • Secondly, if you are interested in the crypto industry and watch videos related to crypto and blockchain, TikTok will for itself offer you crypto content on the “For You” Page. 
  • Finally, you can find a list of the best crypto TikTok accounts with the detailed performance review and analytics on CoinLaunch, where we regularly update all information about each cryptocurrency influencer