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What Are Gaming Guilds In Crypto?

While traditional gaming guilds provide players with a support system and a competitive edge in battle, Play2Earn games guilds take the concept one step further by directly impacting players' bottom-line earnings.

Just like their traditional counterparts, GameFi guilds are organized groups of players who often work together to complete tasks and share resources. However, while traditional guilds are purely a community of players helping each other through various missions, GameFi guilds add monetary value to the player's gaming experience. 

Crypto gaming quilts generate revenue from:

  1. In-game activities;
  2. Investing in crypto startups;
  3. Governance token sales;
  4. Staking and yield farmings;

The earnings of a gaming guild are distributed among members based on their level of involvement and contributions.

How do play-to-earn gaming guilds work?

Essentially, the major part of cryptocurrency gaming guild operates under a DAO model, which means that all the decisions regarding when and where to invest are made collectively. A guild’s funding typically comes from players’ own contributions and revenue generated from investments and game activities. 

Guilds play a crucial role in the Web3 gaming ecosystem, serving as a hub where players and enthusiasts come together to foster collaboration, share gaming strategies, and enjoy collective gameplay experiences.

How did blockchain guilds start?

Blockchain gaming guilds emerged in 2017 with the launch of games like CryptoKitties and Spells of Genesis. These guilds became more decentralized and autonomous thanks to the blockchain technology that has built greater trust and transparency among members. Players formed communities around these games that, in the course of time, evolved into full-fledged guilds with their own governance structures, decision-making processes and even governance token. Today, blockchain gaming guilds exist across a wide range of games and platforms, providing a way for players to collaborate and compete in a decentralized and community-driven blockchain environment.  

Why use NFT Gaming Guilds?

NFT gaming guilds bring a lot of benefits to their members and blockchain community as a whole:

  1. NFT gaming guilds can support its members by providing resources for those, who aren’t able to get them otherwise. Players collaborate, pool resources, and collectively benefit from success in the game, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation.
  2. In NFT gaming guilds, players often collect and trade unique in-game assets represented as NFTs. The use of blockchain technology provides greater transparency and trust among guild members, as all transactions and decisions related to NFTs are recorded on a public ledger. This can reduce the potential for fraud or disputes within the guild. 
  3. NFT gaming guilds can be more decentralized and autonomous, with members having a greater say in decision-making and governance structures. This can create a more democratic and inclusive gaming community.

How Do Blockchain Game Guilds Make Money?

Blockchain game guilds can make money in several ways:

  1. Some blockchain game guilds charge membership fees that are used for organizing events or other initiatives.
  2. A significant part of game members participate in different battles and tournaments. Blockchain gaming guilds may charge a portion of rewards, giving players resources for participation in the events. In other words, providing the ability to monetize their gaming skills to win prizes.
  3. Players constantly make different operations with NFTs (characters or items), which may be expensive for the majority of players and guild members, so the blockchain gaming guilds rent such items to the best players while charging a fee.
  4. Blockchain gaming guilds can place an advertisement on their platform. Also, there may be some companies that are willing to sponsor guild events or tournaments.

Can You Invest In Blockchain Gaming Guilds?

Strictly speaking, you can’t invest in blockchain gaming guilds since those organizations don’t have equity shares. However, there is a way you can profit from a blockchain guild - you have to become a part of it. Only the members of crypto guilds are allowed to vote, play, invest and distribute generated profits. Each guild has its own earning opportunities you can take advantage of only after you’ve become its approved member.