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Discover Social Token ICOs & IDOs Early With CoinLaunch!

Though still in their early development stages, crypto social coins hold great potential in revolutionizing the way communities and brands interact with their audience online - no wonder there are so many social coins’ crypto ICOs and IDOs popping out every day.

CoinLaunch is an analytical crypto aggregator that systematically researches, reviews, and rates different kinds of upcoming token offerings, including social crypto tokens. There is an insane amount of false information posted by projects, influencers and media in the crypto industry. As a result, investing in a scam tokensale is as easy as never before. We understand your need for a reliable data source, that’s why we provide comprehensive evaluations, insightful analysis, and unbiased rankings of the most promising social token ventures in the industry. 

With our specially developed CoinLaunch score, that is based on 80+ factors, you can quickly and easily compare and contrast different projects to find the one that best suits your needs. 

What Are Social Tokens?

Social tokens are cryptocurrencies created by individuals or businesses that want to monetize their communities. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the value of social tokens is primarily determined by the reputation of its creator, its platform, as well as the unique perks provided to holders of a coin. The main advantage of the social token model is that tokens can be earned by social activity and then used, exchanged and resold.

Because of their nature, social coins are often compared to NFTs. The main difference between these two lies in things they monetize: NFTs capitalize on digital art of its creator, while social tokens are used to monetize on activities, use of services and experiences provided by their creators.

Social cryptocurrency tokens can be used for almost unlimited purposes. The world is only at the early stages of the cryptocurrency revolution and as the ecosystem grows, the use of social tokens will significantly expand. It directly spotlights the need for clear segmentation, in-depth analysis and professional assessment of social tokens.

How Do Social Coins Work?

Crypto social tokens are cryptocurrencies that are used as a form of patronage. They allow community creators, influencers, and businesses to monetize their fan base. Fans who purchase or earn social tokens usually get access to exclusive content and product offers.

Social tokens are created by individuals or businesses on top of existing blockchains, such as Ethereum or Solana. These cryptocurrencies are traded mostly, but not necessarily, on decentralized crypto exchanges, which eliminates the need for intermediaries and reduces the possibility of scams.

What Is the Purpose of a Social Token Crypto?

Social tokens were specifically designed to strengthen a community and boost its activity by a kind of gamification. Also, social tokens incentivize community members to form a strong social tie around a certain people or business.

Social tokens support the democratization of social networks by allowing brands, influencers and companies to create and monetize their own online communities using blockchain technology.

They allow online communities to create incentive models that not only encourage stakeholder diversity, but also reward creative contributors.

Are Social Tokens Crypto’s Next Big Thing?

Social crypto tokens are starting to gain momentum in creator ecosystems, especially among celebrities and artists who are passionate supporters of blockchain technology. The most prominent use case of social tokens has been created by Reddit. The widespread use of the social token reward model will likely lead to a greater acceptance of cryptocurrencies among other social networks, forums and Internet communities.

Social tokens have revolutionized the way companies interact with their fans. The use of social tokens opens up limitless monetization opportunities for content creators and companies without the involvement of a middleman, which immensely incentivizes the growth of decentralized communities.

Social Token vs Community Token - What’s the Difference?

It may seem like crypto social tokens and community tokens are similar, but there are key differences between these two:

  • Social tokens are the tokens that are launched by social media platforms, individuals or organizations in social media. They are used to reward a follower base or represent their brand or social influence. Holders of these tokens may get such privileges as special content, merch, or participating in closed events.
  • Community tokens are created by a group of people with similar interests or goals. The role of these tokens mostly consists of incentivizing prospects to join a group and community members to participate in a group's growth. These tokens may allow its holders to vote for changes in a group and get rewards for contributing to a group's development.

To some extent, community tokens can be considered as one of the types of social tokens. 

How to Find Community Tokens Crypto IDOs Early?

1. Monitor exchanges & crypto launchpads. Crypto exchanges and launchpads, such as DAO Maker and Binance, regularly inform their communities about upcoming token offerings and listings. Usually, such announcements appear on their official blogs, social media channels or are even sent to users personally via email. 

2. Follow crypto influencers. Another way to discover emerging community tokens is to follow crypto experts on social media networks. Often useful information related to the launch of new community tokens is posted on specialized forums, Twitter, or on special Telegram channels.

3. Find a reputable crypto ranking platform. Use resources like CoinLaunch to be the first to know about the release of new community token crypto, their ICOs and IDOs. Also, you will find accurate information on and precise analysis of each project there.