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CoinLaunch is an ultimate crypto aggregator that regularly reviews, analyzes and rates thousands of the best IDOs on the market to present you with the quality investment opportunity assortment. Our experts vouch for the diligent and unbiased overview of all Initial DEX Offerings listed on our platform. By implementing CoinLaunch score, a uniquely developed rating system that is based on 80+ variables, we have added an element of professionalism and mathematical approach to all of our evaluations.


How can I buy an IDO coin?

If you are wondering how to buy IDO crypto tokens, here are the key steps you should make:

  1. Find and precisely review an IDO you are going to invest in. Performing proper due diligence is essential at this stage. For getting reliable and trustworthy information, visit platforms like CoinLaunch.
  2. Set up a wallet that supports a blockchain network on which a chosen IDO is conducted. Also, this wallet must be compatible with a launchpad the token sale will be held on. 
  3. Participate in IDO by following all the instructions and meeting the necessary criteria. Specify the amount of money you want to invest and confirm the terms and conditions.
  4. Stay informed about all the updates related to the project by following their social media and website. It is necessary to be aware of an IDO's start date, time, and other specific instructions. 
  5. After a token sale round is over, you will (or will not) win a token allocation and then will be able to purchase a specific amount of cryptocurrencies. Then, you will receive these tokens to your wallet once the lock-up period is over.

Where do I find the best IDO projects?

Finding the best IDO projects can be a challenging and overwhelming task, but there are a few resources and strategies that can considerably facilitate and simplify the process. Here are some proven ways to find the best IDO projects:

  1. Research reputable crypto news outlets, crypto investment blogs, and social media channels of token sale influencers to stay updated with the upcoming IDO projects and trends in the DeFi market.
  2. Follow prominent influencers and experts in the decentralized crypto space who often provide insights and analysis on the latest and hot IDO projects.
  3. Join communities and forums that focus on DeFi and IDOs, as they can provide valuable insights and discussion on the latest projects.
  4. Use IDO ranking platforms, such as CoinLaunch, to discover the top IDO projects based on expert analysis and rigorous evaluation processes.
  5. Conduct your own research on an IDO project's team, technology, whitepaper, and community to determine if it aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

By combining these strategies and using these resources, you can increase your chances of finding the best IDO projects to invest in.

What's the difference between ICO vs IDO token?

  1. Platform: ICO is usually conducted on the project’s website or a dedicated ICO platform, while an IDO is hosted on a decentralized exchange or IDO launchpad. ICO launchpads operate in a centralized manner, involving a third party that can provide support to projects and investors if any issues arise. In contrast, IDO launchpads are decentralized and governed by smart contracts, which operate without intervention, ensuring impartial execution of rules. As an example with Coinlist shows, ICO launchpads tend to offer more extensive support to projects, making it easier for them to gain widespread attention, go viral, and ensure significant ROI. 
  2. Transparency: ICO is often organized by a project team, which refers to lower transparency and risks if a team is not trustworthy. IDO, on the other hand, is conducted with the help of smart contracts, which ensure a high level of transparency and security.
  3. Liquidity: After a token distribution, ICO tokens usually can’t be easily traded immediately and do not possess enough level of liquidity while IDO tokens can be traded right after the token sale round, thanks to liquidity providers and liquidity pools. 
  4. Security: As a rule, everyone willing to participate in an ICO must pass KYC/AML verification. On the other hand, IDO is regulated by smart contracts, which give investors the ability to buy tokens via a user’s non-custodial crypto wallet and sometimes without a mandatory KYC/AML verification.

What is IDO in crypto?

IDO is a revolutionary fundraising approach conducted via a decentralized exchange, utilizing liquidity pools, through which traders can easily exchange cryptocurrencies.The liquidity pools are composed of trading pairs that usually include both conventional cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, such as USDT and ETH. But sometimes a trading pair may include a token and BNB or any other TOP crypto or a native token of a launchpad. Anyone who wants to participate in a crowdfunding process has to deposit money to his/her wallet and then perform a swap. 

There is also another type of IDO that is conducted through providing liquidity into the pool.

Essentially, an individual who wants to purchase an IDO token has to deposit a certain amount of stablecoins or other cryptocurrencies into a liquidity pool. Thanks to the AMM mechanism utilized in liquidity pools, people receive a share of IDO coins in return for their deposits right after a token generation event (TGE).

How does a crypto IDO round work?

An IDO process varies based on whether it is conducted on a launchpad or a DEX.

Cryptocurrency IDO round on a DEX:

  1. The project team develops a native token and chooses a DEX platform compatible with the blockchain network on which the token is going to be minted.
  2. The project planning the IDO partners with a DEX to host the token sale. The DEX sets up a smart contract for the IDO.
  3. Investors send their funds (often in cryptocurrency like Ethereum) in exchange for IDO tokens.
  4. The DEX forms a liquidity pool by allocating half of the minted tokens and half of the collected funds (usually BNB or stablecoins). The remaining half of the tokens goes to investors.
  5. Half of the collected funds are directed to the project's development and operations.
  6. After a token generation event is over, new tokens are listed on the DEX and are ready to be traded and exchanged.

Cryptocurrency IDO round on a launchpad:

  1. The team of a project teams up with launchpads like DAO Maker, Polkastarter, or Sidify to conduct the IDO. 
  2. Investors contribute funds to the project on a launchpad's platform. The launchpad facilitates the process, ensuring the secure handling of funds.
  3. The project receives the entirety of the funds collected during the IDO round.
  4. Instead of immediate token distribution, investors receive their tokens after a specified period.
  5. Launchpads often assist projects in navigating the listing process and ensure proper compliance and coordination.
  6. After the token distribution period, the tokens are listed on exchanges, where they can be freely traded/bought/sold/exchanged.

What are the benefits of ICO/IDO crypto rounds?

The benefits of an IDO model:

  • Instant liquidity to tokens listed on DEX 
  • Rewards liquidity pool providers with project tokens;
  • Requires no intermediary between a project and investors;

The benefits of an ICO model:

  • Provide investors with tokens that are usually easy to exchange for other assets or fiat money soon after the completion of the ICO;
  • ICOs generally have a simpler process for investors to participate. Investors typically send their contributions (usually in a specific cryptocurrency) directly to the project's wallet address during the ICO period.
  • Unlike IDOs, ICO launchpads provide technical support to their users in case of any problems or issues that may arise during the token sale process.