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Watch Out For The Best AI Crypto Coins With CoinLaunch!

AI technology is advancing faster than ever before, expanding the opportunities of major sectors of life, including blockchain and cryptocurrency. The merger of two fast growing fields gave birth to a number of cryptocurrency projects leveraging AI technology, which later led to the formation of AI crypto coins.

In a nutshell, AI cryptocurrencies are coins that serve as the native tokens for blockchain-based AI projects. CoinLaunch is your trusted partner, that diligently scours the Internet space to bring you perspective AI tokens that have a potential to skyrocket. Not only does our team gather all the tokens in one single list, we also review, analyze and rate every project, as well as its performance, team, community, marketing and so many more. 

Rely on the CoinLaunch Score - our specially designed rating algorithm that is based on 80+ token related factors - to get a holistic overview of the coin’s potential and compare it to other upcoming & ongoing ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs.


How to find artificial intelligence crypto ICO/IDO/IEO early?

There are a few tried and true approaches for identifying AI crypto initiatives before they become mainstream:

  1. Read reliable crypto media outlets: It will keep you up to date on what's going on in the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain and artificial intelligence.
  2. Join dedicated cryptocurrency groups: Being a part of several crypto groups creating content about upcoming token sale events is another way to find new AI crypto ventures early.
  3. Follow cryptocurrency influencers: Keep an eye on the insights and thoughts shared by Key Crypto Opinion Leaders (KOLs), particularly those that specialize in token sale events.
  4. Check out the latest news and updates from top cryptocurrency launchpads: These platforms announce and constantly advertise forthcoming token sales on their websites, social media, and email newsletters. Here is the complete list of TOP Crypto Launchpads to follow and observe.
  5. Find a trustworthy crypto analytical platform: To uncover potential AI crypto projects early and avoid investing into a scam, utilize reputable crypto ranking systems like CoinLaunch, which lists all existing and upcoming AI coins with in-depth evaluations and scores connected to each profile.

Is buying an AI coin considered a good investment?

Some market players have long argued that the wild west of AI may benefit from blockchain technology and perhaps be a beneficial trigger for the growth of a crypto market at large. Both technologies are still in their early stages, however it is already clear that their convergence will give birth to major new products and services that will have their own place in the market. That being said, AI cryptocurrency has a huge potential to be the next big thing in the industry. If you decide to invest in any AI token, choose the one that has real-world use cases and value.

How to invest in artificial intelligence cryptocurrency safely?

A crypto investor that wants to buy an AI cryptocurrency or any other token should do their due diligence and analyze all aspects of a desired coin inside and out. Here we outlined the most basic yet crucial steps to follow when conducting a project’s analysis: 

  1. Study the product. The first thing you want to kick off your research with should be the review of the project’s whitepaper and roadmap. This information will help you grasp the overall concept of a project, its purpose, unique value proposition and viability. 
  2. Investigate the team. One of the most important steps in this list is getting to know the team behind the project as well as the background of its members. The bare minimum qualities a team should have include good reputation and experience developing crypto projects or similar products from other industries. It is a common practice for scammers to make up the team by using artificial intelligence, so make sure to google a few key team members to avoid investing into a fraud. 
  3. Explore the community. A community is an integral part of any blockchain-based project - its exceptional power is a driving force of a token’s success and overall crypto adoption. A big and active community is a positive sign, indicating a project’s hype and level of interest, that will become a strong foundation for a token’s initial buying power after a token sale event ends and the token is listed on a crypto exchange. Research how real the community is - compare the number of subscribers to reactions, comments, likes etc.

Analyze the tokenomics. It is vital to learn the distribution of tokens, what the vesting schedule is, whether there is a coin buyback, what the currency's market capitalization is, and so on. Another sign of a solid tokenomics enterprise is the presence of reliable partners and major (Tier 1 & 2) investors.

What are the best crypto artificial intelligence tokens of all time?

  • Fetch ai ($FET) is a project that combines blockchain and AI technologies to create a network of autonomous software agents for AI-based peer-to-peer applications. $FET currently showcases an ROI of 2.15x its initial value. The ATH ROI of the token equals 13x. Fetch ai ranks second in terms of the amount of money that has been raised during crowdfunding, which is $23 million!
  • SingularityNET ($AGIX) is a fully decentralized platform that allows any developer to create and monetize various features based on artificial intelligence. The startup became famous because it was built upon the popular Sophia robot. When looking at the token’s performance, we can see that the ATH ROI of the token equals >18x, while the currency ROI is 2x, which is a positive indication. During its crowdfunding process, the project raised almost $33 million.
  • Ocean Protocol ($OCEAN) is a decentralized data exchange platform that allows organizations and private sector individuals to exchange data in a secure and controlled environment. One of the token sale rounds was hosted on Coinlist launchpad, which is a green flag on its own. The ATH ROI of this token is 16x, while the current ROI equals 2.5x. Overall, the project raised nearly $7 millions.

Where can you buy an AI token?

Just like other cryptocurrency, AI tokens can be bought on both decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges as well as some hybrid trading platforms. Whether an AI token is listed on a particular crypto exchange depends on the agreement between two parties - the project itself and an exchange - so make sure to check the official website and social media channels of a coin for this kind of information.

Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency AI tokens.

Having AI technology interfere with cryptocurrencies brings the next benefits:

  1. Additional security. AI algorithms can conduct smart contract audits to identify potential threats and anomalies. What’s more, they offer suggestions and recommendations on how to secure a code to prevent it from being hacked.
  2. Improved efficiency. AI technology has a potential to streamline certain blockchain operations including completing user verification, handling complex sequences of financial transactions, optimizing transaction validation etc.
  3. Data collection and analysis. AI algorithms make it possible for companies to analyze vast amounts of data and conduct in-depth analysis of users behavior as well as how people feel about certain events in the cryptocurrency world.  

The implementation of AI technology into the cryptocurrency space creates new challenges:

  1. Bias. Some information, like biases, is built inside the algorithms and is developed more as the system is essentially learning from the past and then modifying when new information enters. This kind of data is hard to extract from AI algorithms, which can lead to biased transactions and user verifications in the future. 
  2. Security risks. Since AI technologies are relatively new, their security themselves is quite unknown. Ai algorithms can be targeted by some parties that want to exploit their weaknesses and impact the output of the system, which can negatively impact the security of cryptocurrency projects utilizing AI technology.