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The Most Anticipated Ambassador Crypto Programs Are Here!

Crypto ambassador programs are strategic marketing initiatives a brand launches to utilize community for business purposes and create a positive brand image through the use of certain individuals’ media influence. Becoming an ambassador of your believed brand is beyond exciting, as you get to promote a project you genuinely support and get rewarded for that.

If you think that you can become a brand ambassador only when the brand itself reaches out to you, you are wrong. There are a lot of great programs you can apply to and work as a brand representative. CoinLaunch is an ultimate analytical service that finds and evaluates those crypto ambassador program opportunities to present them in a form of a comprehensive list where each program has its own in-depth rating and detailed review.

Utilize our unique rating system - CoinLaunch Score - that is based on 80+ factors to understand the reward potential, difficulty and credibility of your desired blockchain ambassador program.

How Does a Blockchain Ambassador Program Work?

Ambassadors are people who are hired by a company to represent the brand, aiming to facilitate some business processes, increase brand awareness and therefore sales or other conversions. Brand ambassadors are not some random people that want to promote their favorite products and make money from it. Instead, these people should possess a level of expertise and media influence in order to present a brand in a positive light.

Cryptocurrency ambassadors can be considered the face of a company. As a rule, famous people with their own fan base are empowered as ambassadors. In a typical collaboration workflow, a brand starts with a selection of  ambassadors who will represent and promote their brand. The representatives, in turn, actively promote a brand, report on their activities, and receive benefits in return for their efforts.

How to Find Crypto Ambassador Programs Early?

Since ambassador programs are launched predominantly at an early stage of project development, it is necessary to keep an eye on projects that are on their first rounds of fundraisings or announce the launch of a new product.

  • In order to find blockchain ambassador programs with an open application, you need to Google a specific query or hashtag in the social networks (for example, #AmbassadorProgramBlockchain #AmbassadorCrypto, etc.). 
  • You can try following crypto groups and accounts that post content related to various cryptocurrency earning opportunities. 
  • However, the most effective research method we know of is utilizing special analytical platforms, like CoinLaunch, that provide access to a comprehensive list of all upcoming and active crypto ambassador programs accompanied by in-depth reviews and ratings for each program.

How Does a Blockchain Ambassador Get Paid?

The most common rewards for blockchain ambassadors include:

  1. Tokensale allocations. If a project you are looking at hasn't been launched yet, the organizers can offer you a chance to buy a decent portion of tokens at cheapest price.
  2. Project tokens. Blockchain ambassadors can get reward for their effort in the form of a project’s native tokens. 
  3. NFT or stablecoins. Although it is not the most popular kind of reward, in some cases, brands pay their ambassadors in NFTs or stablecoins. 
  4. Privileges and perks. These rewards vary from elimination of trading commissions, discounts on trading fees, early access to exclusive features etc.

Sometimes a project immediately declares that it will reward ambassadors with stablecoins, sometimes there is no mention of rewards at all. In some cases, projects do not promise huge rewards, but eventually, several thousand dollars in tokens are distributed to wallets of the participants of the program.

Can Anybody Be a Crypto Brand Ambassador?

In theory, anyone who is willing to work can become an ambassador. You need to be sociable, creative, and ambitious. However, to become a priority candidate for the position of ambassador, you need to work on your competitive advantages, such as:

  • Alignment with the brand. First of all, brand ambassadors should share the philosophy and values of a brand in order to guarantee the most efficient and yielding cooperation.
  • Influence and own media space (Telegram, Twitter, etc.). When selecting ambassadors, most projects pay attention to the online and offline presence of brand ambassadors. That’s why a successful blog or wide network within the industry will become your competitive advantage for sure.
  • Enthusiasm. Great ambassadors should be “obsessed” with a brand to cause an audience’s desire to interact with it.
  • Effort. It means an amount of time you are willing to devote to a project. The more, the better.
  • Expertise. It is obvious that ambassadors should be aware of the brand's activity, services, and solutions and have some knowledge of the industry in which the brand operates.
  • Communication skills. When choosing ambassadors, brands pay attention to such personalities, who can easily connect with the audience and potential partners, attract their attention, and convey their opinion.
  • Reliability. Reliable ambassadors are respected within the community and have positive feedback from partners and audiences.