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Airdrop for Early Adopters

Active 27 Feb - 26 Jul 2024

Karak network is an innovative restaking protocol that implements Distributed Security Services (DSS) to enable multi-asset restaking. It enables users to restake their assets, such as stablecoins, Ethereum liquid staking tokens, and even Bitcoin, providing an additional level of security to blockchain networks and dApps.

Although there’s no official information regarding the Karak token, some rumors across the crypto community suggest that the protocol may introduce and airdrop its native token to power its governance layer in the near future. 

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Very High 23 May 2024

Karak Network - Airdrop for Early Adopters Overview

start date: 27 Feb 2024
end date: 26 Jul 2024
Reward Distribution: 01 Aug
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How to join  Karak Network - Airdrop for Early Adopters ?

Although the launch and airdrop of Karak's native token have not been announced or confirmed yet, the platform has introduced Karak XP points, which are designed to indicate users’ contributions to the platform. Hence, our team assumes that points will be the main criteria for qualifying for the Karak airdrop.

To start earning Karak XP, you need to use the invite code restake any of the supported assets in the app. Here are invite codes: uzSlf; L8TGL; uavuR; 35zxk; SYOLT. It enables you to earn not only Karak XP but also provides an opportunity to participate in other protocols’ airdrops. 

While it may be complicated to find the best staking route for your assets, our team has collected some of the most popular options to participate in multiple airdrops using Karak network. Most of them we have already reviewed on our website and even wrote multiple airdrop guides. Here’s short list of the best restaking routes for Karak protocol:

  • Ethereum staking routes
    In the current trend of Ethereum restaking, the best way to participate in the Karak network airdrop is through Ethereum liquid staking protocols. These include:
  • Karak + Puffer: Puffer is a liquid restaking protocol with its own LRT token pufETH. Restake pufETH on Karak to earn Puffer points + EigenLayer points + Puffer APR + Karak XP.
  • Karak + Swell: Swell is another liquid restaking protocol with rswETH LRT token. Restake your rswETH on Karak and earn 3x boosted Swell pearls + EigenLayer points + Swell APR + Karak XP;
  • Karak + Kelp: Kelp is a multichain liquid restaking protocol with rsETH LRT. Stake rsETH on Karak to earn Kelp points + Kelp APR + EigenLayer points + Karak XP.
  • Stablecoins stake routes

Similarly to Ethereum liquid staking protocols, you can restake your stablecoins and even participate in airdrop campaigns from other protocols. For example:

  • Karak + EthenaEthena is a synthetic-dollar protocol and internet yield. Stake your USDe stablecoins on Karak to earn Ethena 20x Sats per staked USDe + Karak XP;
  • Karak + Frax: Frax is a dollar-pegged stablecoin that uses AMO smart contracts. Restake staked Frax stablecoins on Karak to share a pool of 10M Frax points and earn Karak XP + Frax APR.
  • Bitcoin restaking
    In addition to stablecoins and Ethereum LSTs, Karak also supports WBTC restaking, allowing you to keep your BTC on-chain while earning Karak XP for potential airdrop. 

Good Luck!

Step-by-step Guide

  • Acquire any of the assets supported by Karak;

  • Visit the Karak app. Invite codes: uzSlf; L8TGL; uavuR; 35zxk; SYOLT;

  • Stake those assets on Karak;

  • Earn Karak XP and wait until the official TGE announcement;

  • Receive your tokens.

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