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Airdrop (Retrodrop)

Past 25 Sep 2023 - 01 May 2024

Subsquid is a blockchain ecosystem and data lake that enables blockchain developers to search, extract, process, and store information in one place. The entire Subsquid ecosystem is powered by the native $SQD token. This token is utilized for rewarding ecosystem contributors, staking delegation, reducing gas fees, and gaining access to exclusive datasets.

The project has already announced future airdrop and allocated 2% of the whole token supply to reward a limited number of testnet participants. 

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High 19 Jan 2024

Subsquid - Airdrop (Retrodrop) Overview

start date: 25 Sep 2023
end date: 01 May 2024
Reward Distribution: 29 May
More about Subsquid
Reward $12,502
Winners: 4,000

How to join  Subsquid - Airdrop (Retrodrop) ?

The Subsquid has already announced an airdrop for the top 4000 KYC-verified users and 113 node runners (workers) for participation in the public testnet. The rewards for participation in the testnet vary from $83 to $12,502, depending on your ranking position, which you can track on the official Subsquid leaderboard.

While analyzing the Subsquid project, our team has prepared a few steps to increase your chances of receiving the Subsquid airdrop:


1. Mirovia Era: First phase (September 25, 2023)

While Subsquid imposes no limitations for developers and non-tech participants to join the public testnet, there is a limited number of workers (node runners). Only 500 workers can apply to join the Subsquid testnet and compete for the chance to receive an airdrop.

During the initial phase of the public testnet, the network will primarily focus on testing processes related to creating queries, discovering available workers, as well as extracting and transferring data from worker to client. Developers will also be required to construct Squid indexers and provide feedback on the network's features.


2. Panthalassa Era: Phase 2 (January 15, 2024)

The network is expected to assess its capacities in discovering, validating, and referring queries to workers, as well as rewarding them for their contributions to the ecosystem. 

  • For users: 

All Phase 2 testnet participants can earn tSQD tokens by completing quests of varying difficulty, including social tasks, delegating tSQD, and engaging with the community on Discord to earn exclusive roles. Users can also provide feedback about their experience while using Subsquid features to improve experience in the future and receive an additional rewards

  • For developers: 

In addition to the tasks specified for testnet users, developers can build, deploy squids, and migrate subgraphs using the Subsquid SDK. Providing qualitative feedback and suggestions for improvement could also effectively contribute to the future development of the platform, potentially benefiting developers.

  • For node runners (workers)

Similar to the first phase, the primary responsibility of workers will be to confirm and execute queries, while also providing computing power and data. Additionally, workers are required to apply and meet the specified requirements, as described here. 


Find more information about Subsquid testnet here.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Follow Subsquid on social media;

  • Go to the quest page and connect your wallet;

  • Pass a KYC verification; 

  • Complete tasks on quest page; 

  • Engage with Subsquid network;

  • Delegate your tSQD;

  • Participate in discussions with Subsquid community on Discord

  • (As Developer): Build and deploy quids;

  • (As Developer): Transfer subgraphs to Subsquid; 

  • Provide feedback on the experience utilizing the network;

  • Track your position on Subsquid leaderboard;

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