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Airdrop (Retrodrop)

Active 01 Feb - 01 Apr

zkSync is a layer 2 EVM-compatible scaling network for Ethereum with its innovative Zero-knowledge roll-ups. It offers significantly cheaper and faster transactions than L1, while maintaining a high level of security on the original Ethereum network.

The launch of the zkSync ecosystem token hasn't been announced yet. However, according to rumors within the crypto community and implicit hints in the official blog posts, there's a big chance the zkSync token could be released and airdropped to early adopters this year. That’s a reason why we decided to prepare this comprehensive guide on how to get qualified for zkSync airdrop for you. 

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Very High 16 Jan 2024

zkSync - Airdrop (Retrodrop) Overview

start date: 01 Feb
end date: 01 Apr
Reward Distribution: 01 May
Reward: N/A
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How to join  zkSync - Airdrop (Retrodrop) ?

Although there's no official public information about a zkSync airdrop and token release, there are rumors among the crypto community about a potential zkSync token release. 

There’re also rumors, the idea of the token launch and zkSync token role is emphasized in the project's official blog post describing zkPorter, where the zkSync token plays a vital role in providing security within the L2 ecosystem. Additionally, in zkSync's official roadmap, there is mention of "decentralization" plans for the ecosystem.

Based on this information, our team decided to prepare a detailed guide outlining tips and steps to increase chance to receive airdrop:

  • Follow zkSync on Social media: 

While there’s no official information about token and retrodrop, it would be useful to follow zkSync on Twitter or any other social media platform to be always up to date. Also, join zkSync Discord to stay updated with the latest news and communicate with the rest community members ; 

  • Utilize a native zkSync bridge: 

First, you need to get any token and ETH to cover gas fee expenses on the Ethereum mainnet. Then, go to the zkSync bridge, connect your wallet, and proceed to bridge tokens to the zkSync Era mainnet. Similarly, you can bridge your tokens back to Ethereum, but when doing so, be cautious about fees and the time it takes for funds to arrive back on Ethereum, as zkSync mainnet has only launched an alpha version.

  • Complete quests on layer 3:

Create an account and complete tasks on zkSync’s Layer 3 page including engaging with projects built on zkSync and completing social tasks. Some of these protocols haven't released their tokens yet, providing an opportunity to participate in both zkSync and the protocol built on top of this network. Here’s a list of the best projects and the most effective steps to complete to get maximum points on Layer 3:

  1. DEXs: Swap ETH for any other tokens on 1inch, Odos, and Pancakeswap to earn points on Layer 3;
  2. Lending protocols: Use Defi Lama app to discover some of the major lending protocols on zkSync and deposit any amount of ETH there. Some projects with a significant TVL and unreleased tokens include ZeroLend, ParaSpace, and EraLend;
  3. NFT marketplaces: Engage with NFT marketplaces built on zkSync. Some, such as Element Market, Kreatorland, and Tevaera, haven't launched tokens yet, which could potentially lead to airdrops. Explore more NFT marketplaces using the list of marketplaces on the official zkSync website;
  4. Decentralized derivatives trading platforms: Earn bonus points on Layer 3 and increase your chances of receiving a zkSync airdrop by depositing 10 USDC on Satori Finance. You can also explore other derivatives platforms with the highest TVL, including Derivio, HoldStation, DeFutures, and Fulcrum;

Explore even more projects on zkSync here.

Try to engage with projects as soon and as consistently as possible. Also remember that the age and consistency of your transactions could play a vital role when requirements for airdrop zkSync are announced.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Follow zkSync on social media;

  • Get some ETH on Ethereum mainnet;

  • Go to the bridge zkSync and bridge your tokens to zkSync mainnet;

  • Complete the tasks on Layer 3;

  • Explore even more projects built on zkSync; 

  • Engage with those projects.

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