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1kx is a blockchain-oriented VC fund, investing in early-stage startups which drive innovation and reshape the future of crypto.

The 1kx team consists of technical operators, tokenomic models designers and strategic visionaries, each with a solid track record in the crypto space. Beyond offering strategic guidance, the team is hands-on in supporting portfolio companies at the after-investment stages, and not afraid of getting involved in various aspects of the project development. From the community coordination and ecosystem building to launching entire go-to-market subDAOs, the fund`s team is committed to achieving success alongside the portfolio partners. 

Also, the 1kx fund had several internal products and the attention grabbing website minting NTFs for completing a simple game in the Play-to-Earn section.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
High 02 Oct 2023

1kx Overview

Type: Venture
Total Investment: 3
Project Support: High
Social Influence: High
Last Investment: 08 Nov
Region of Origin: Germany / Berlin
Influence Geography: North America, Western Europe, Asia, Israel
Type of project assistance: Financing; Tokenomics; Product design; Growth strategy; Governance; Community building; Recruiting; Networking.

1kx - About

1kx is an early-stage crypto-native startup hunter from Berlin, founded by Lasse Clausen and Christopher Heymann, investing in blockchain-based products and crypto asset projects, with a precise focus on scaling well-designed ecosystems.

Being dedicated to empowering visionary founders in kickstarting robust token networks, the fund supports the most brilliant Web3 teams in achieving sustainable growth and economic viability, boosting them with a significant community and profound expertise in building and refining token models

Also, the fund has an awesome blog with various topics discussed in the format of the industry research.

The fund is a highly active participant in the blockchain industry and also has its own products and projects, such as EthberlinEthlibsonMCON2Risk DAOGoblin SAXCodeless Conduct, and a few others related to the organization of events in the blockchain industry.

Here are some of the rather well-known portfolio members of 1kx fund: Magic, Nervos, Radicle, Amp, Covalent, Nym, Rarible, Liquity, ZkSunc, WalletConnect, Gnosis DAO, NFTBank, Connext, Qredo, and lots of other.

Up to date, the fund has 3 successful exits in its portfolio history, where NIFTEX was the most bright one.

The current balance of interests in the 1kx portfolio.

Total number of investments: 69

  • DeFi: 32.8%
  • Blockchain Service: 24.6%
  • Blockchain Infrastructure: 16.4%
  • NFT: 13.1%
  • Social: 8.2%
  • GameFi: 3.3%
  • CeFi: 1.6%

1kx - Indusries

1kx Team

Larry Florio
Larry Florio
General Counsel
Henry Brodie
Head Of Operations
Valeriy Zamaraiev
Valeriy Zamaraiev
Christopher Heymann
Christopher Heymann
Founding Partner
Lasse Clausen
Lasse Clausen
Founding Partner
Dmitriy Berenzon
Dmitriy Berenzon
Research Partner

1kx – Investments

Project Score Date Price Status Industry
zksync logozkSync
zksync logozkSync
zksync logozkSync
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