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BlackRock is an investment company and one of the biggest asset managers in the financial world, based in New York. The BR is specialized on financial services and financial security, investing in early-stage/late-stage ventures, debts, post-IPO, pre-seed, seed & series A rounds, private equities.

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Very High 15 May 2023

BlackRock Overview

Type: Corporate
Total Investment: 0
Project Support: Medium
Social Influence: High
Last Investment: N/A
Region of Origin: USA / NY
Influence Geography: Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania
Type of project assistance: Financing; Networking; Product Dev; Asset Management

BlackRock - About

During 30 years of highly efficient management, BlackRock has gathered the best professionals in the field, earned outstanding reputation and gained immense customer loyalty for its strong and consistent financial performance. 

BlackRock is at the top of the largest and most influential financial corporations and funds, having around $10 trillion assets under management, which is the highest amount in the world. . 
As a part of the Blackrock investment fund, it applies a multi-strategy investment approach investing in companies at early-stage, late-stage ventures, in debts, post-IPO, pre-seed, seed & series A rounds, private equities. 


The holding has global influence and connections in each region. In terms of investment, Black Rock is interested in pioneering financial infrastructure and service projects like ConsenSys and Circle, which  have an impact on the development of the industry. It makes  Black Rock an institutional player whose decisions and activities are closely monitored by almost all members of the investment community.

Here is the current balance of interests in the BR`s portfolio.


Total number of investments: 170

CeFi: 50% 

Blockchain Service: 25% 

GameFi: 25%

BlackRock - Indusries

BlackRock Team

Colin McDonald
CFO & Managing Director
Kei Nishino
VP of Marketing
Robert Hayes
Managing Director
Ryan O'Keeffe
Managing Director
Naitik Mehta
Director - Product Management
Ganna Ivanova
Vice President
Alexandra Gorman
Chief of Staff to the Vice Chairman
Dietmar Anders
Head of Legal & Compliance
Larry Fink
Head of Enterprise Services & CSO
Diwakar Goel
Global Head of Data
Kfir Godrich
Global Head of Technology
Wei Li
Global Chief Investment Strategist
Alan Synnott
Managing Director, Global Head of Research & Product Strategy
Tarek Chouman
Global Head of Business Development

BlackRock News

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