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ConsenSys is a prominent blockchain and web3 software company, pivotal in advancing the web3 ecosystem since 2014. They offer a comprehensive suite of products, including MetaMask, a leading self-custodial wallet with over 100 million annual users, and Infura, a robust platform for web3 development. ConsenSys also provides Linea, an EVM equivalent zkEVM rollup, enhancing Ethereum's security and efficiency. Their mission is to make web3 universally accessible and developer-friendly, empowering builders across the globe. ConsenSys plays a crucial role in the blockchain community, driving innovation and supporting a wide range of projects, from decentralized applications to NFT collections. Their commitment to education and community empowerment is central to their approach, fostering growth and adoption in the web3 space.

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High 20 Dec 2023

ConsenSys Overview

Type: Corporate
Total Investment: 3
Project Support: High
Social Influence: High
Last Investment: 28 Feb
Region of Origin: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Influence Geography: North America
Type of project assistance: Blockchain Development, Business Development, Fundraising.

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ConsenSys is a leading blockchain and web3 software company, at the forefront of technological innovation within the web3 ecosystem since 2014. Their mission is to inspire and empower builders by making web3 universally easy to use and develop on. ConsenSys offers a complete suite of products to create and participate in web3, aiming to build the future through a growing global community.

Their product suite includes MetaMask, the world's leading self-custodial wallet used by over 100 million users annually. MetaMask serves as a comprehensive tool for managing digital identity and assets, and exploring web3, available as both a browser extension and mobile app. Additionally, MetaMask Developer tools enable app connection to MetaMask, testing new features, and extending MetaMask functionality.

ConsenSys also offers Infura, the original platform for web3 development, providing developers with a robust and reliable set of tools for building and scaling decentralized applications. Linea, another product, is an EVM equivalent zkEVM rollup offering fast finality, high throughput, low gas fees, and the security of Ethereum settlement.

The company's approach is centered on empowering communities through education and supporting a wide range of projects that make web3 easy to use and build on. ConsenSys is committed to driving innovation in the blockchain space, whether it's through building dapps, NFT collections, portfolios, or shaping a better future. Their dedication to the builder's instinct is evident in their diverse range of products and services, designed to cater to everyone from individual users to developers and organizations in the web3 space.

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Starknet logoStarknet
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