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Da Hongfei, renowned for founding NEO, is also an influential angel investor in the blockchain realm. His investments focus on fostering blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects, particularly those complementing the NEO ecosystem. While details of his portfolio are discreet, his strategic approach likely aims to strengthen blockchain infrastructure and adoption. Da Hongfei's support for startups extends beyond capital; he offers valuable industry insights, networking opportunities, and strategic guidance. His commitment to advancing blockchain innovation is reflected in his targeted, ecosystem-enhancing investments.

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Type: Angel Investors
Total Investment: 1
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Last Investment: 09 Apr
Region of Origin: Shanghai, China
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Da Hongfei - About

Da Hongfei is primarily known as the founder of NEO, a major blockchain platform often referred to as "China's Ethereum." As an angel investor, his focus and activities align closely with his background in blockchain technology. Here's an overview of Da Hongfei in the context of angel investing:

  • Blockchain and Crypto Investments: Given his deep involvement in the blockchain sector through NEO, Da Hongfei's angel investments are likely centered around blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects. His expertise in this area makes him a valuable asset to startups in the blockchain space.
  • Ecosystem Development: Through his investments, Da Hongfei probably aims to foster an ecosystem that supports the growth and adoption of blockchain technology, particularly in areas that can benefit from NEO's infrastructure and capabilities.
  • Strategic Investments: His investments are likely strategic, supporting projects that can integrate with or complement the NEO platform, thereby strengthening the overall blockchain ecosystem.
  • Influence in Blockchain Industry: As a prominent figure in the blockchain industry, especially in China, Da Hongfei's backing can provide startups not only with capital but also with credibility, networking opportunities, and strategic guidance.
  • Discretion in Investments: Like many angel investors, especially those in the tech industry, Da Hongfei might prefer to keep his investment activities relatively private, focusing on nurturing projects without seeking public attention.
  • Supporting Innovation: He likely invests in projects that push the boundaries of what blockchain technology can achieve, reflecting his vision for NEO and the broader blockchain landscape.

In summary, Da Hongfei, as an angel investor, is likely to leverage his extensive experience in blockchain technology to support and guide emerging startups in this field. His investments are expected to align with his vision for the blockchain industry, focusing on innovation and ecosystem development.

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