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Draper Dragon is a profound and well-known venture capital firm from Shanghai, which specializes in strengthening and accelerating the growth of talented early-stage teams. The fund’s team endeavors to turn each portfolio company into an industry-changing enterprise. 
Being a proactive investor in the tech and healthcare sectors, Draper Dragon also stands as a smart investment hand and a core participant of the Draper Venture Network. It creates an explosive growth opportunity for any Draper Dragon’s portfolio company.

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Medium 21 Sep 2023

Draper Dragon Overview

Type: Venture
Total Investment: 1
Project Support: Medium
Social Influence: Very Low
Last Investment: 28 Feb
Region of Origin: California / USA
Influence Geography: North America, Western Europe, Asia
Type of project assistance: Financing; Networking

Draper Dragon - About

Established by Larry Li, Andy Tang, Bobby Chao, and Tim Draper in 2006, the fund actively invests in young and disruptive products and tech teams in their respective segments. Draper Dragon operates across such key locations as Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Hong Kong, Bangalore, and Singapore.

Draper's portfolio boasts influential technology unicorns like Microport Medical, Ledger, Yeepay, Otter, 1047 Games, and Jing Jin Electric. Also, there aresuch  blockchain teams among them as IoTeX, VeChain, Qtum, Oasis Network, Galxe, and others.

Total number of investments: 33

  • Blockchain Service: 28.6%
  • CeFi: 20%
  • NFT: 20%
  • Blockchain Infrastructure: 17.1%
  • DeFi: 8.6%
  • Social: 2.9%
  • GameFi: 2.9%

Draper Dragon - Indusries

Draper Dragon Team

Tim Draper
Tim Draper
Matt Huang
Matt Huang
Andrew Tang
Andrew Tang
Zhongqiang LI
Zhongqiang LI
S Frank Miaw
S Frank Miaw
General Counsel
Jingqing Zha
Jingqing Zha
Yiming Hu
Yiming Hu

Draper Dragon News

Draper Dragon – Investments

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etherfi logoether.fi
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