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Eric Wall

Eric Wall

Angel Investors

Eric Wall is recognized as an angel investor with a discerning eye for groundbreaking blockchain technology. His support for Celestia, a project he has followed since its inception when it was known as LazyLedger, stems from a fundamental appreciation for simplicity in blockchain architecture. In a world where new blockchains often mean increased complexity, Celestia stands out to Wall as the first blockchain that is simpler than Bitcoin, aligning with his perspective on what the foundational layer of blockchain technology should be.

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Type: Angel Investors
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Eric Wall - About

His endorsement of Celestia is rooted in the belief that the project captures his vision for a base layer architecture in the blockchain space. This sentiment was expressed in a tweet where he articulated his support for Celestia's mission to launch a modular blockchain network, which aims to democratize the process of deploying individual blockchains, making it accessible to anyone in the world.

Wall's investment philosophy appears to be guided by the principle that less is more when it comes to the foundational aspects of blockchain technology. His support for Celestia not only underscores his commitment to this principle but also reflects a confidence in the project's potential to simplify and transform the blockchain landscape.

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