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FTX Ventures


FTX Ventures stands out as a dynamic and forward-thinking investment fund that is committed to propelling the next wave of innovation in the digital asset space. Its combination of financial resources, industry expertise, and a strategic network positions it as a key player in shaping the future of blockchain and fintech. Currently, this fund is not operational.

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N/A 07 Nov 2023

FTX Ventures  Overview

Type: Exchange
Total Investment: 4
Project Support: N/A
Social Influence: N/A
Last Investment: 27 Oct
Region of Origin: N/A
Influence Geography: N/A
Type of project assistance: N/A

FTX Ventures - About

FTX Ventures is an investment fund that operates as a branch of the larger FTX ecosystem, which is primarily known for its global cryptocurrency exchange. As a venture fund, FTX Ventures focuses on investing in companies that are at the intersection of digital assets, fintech, and web3 technologies. The fund is known for its significant financial backing and has been involved in various funding rounds, from seed to later-stage investments.

The philosophy of FTX Ventures is deeply rooted in the belief that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are foundational technologies that will drive future innovation. The fund seeks to support and accelerate the growth of companies that are building infrastructure and applications to expand the digital asset ecosystem. This includes investments in areas such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), gaming, and metaverse platforms.

FTX Ventures is led by a team of experienced investors and entrepreneurs who have a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market and its potential. The team leverages its expertise and network to provide not only capital but also strategic support to its portfolio companies. This support can take various forms, including market insights, operational guidance, and access to the broader FTX network.

The fund's investment strategy is characterized by a flexible approach, allowing it to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the tech and crypto sectors. FTX Ventures is known for its collaborative approach, often co-investing with other leading venture funds and strategic partners to support the most promising ventures in the space.

Currently, this fund is not operational.

FTX Ventures - Indusries

FTX Ventures  News

FTX Ventures – Investments

Project Score Date Price Status Industry
Celestia LogoCelestia
$0.0955 Past
Celestia LogoCelestia
$1 Past
LayerZero LogoLayerZero
01 Mar Past
Martian Wallet LogoMartian Wallet
27 Oct Past

FTX Ventures – Co-investors

Fund Score Type Project Support Social Influence Co-investments
binance labs logo Binance Labs Very High Incubation Very High Very High
Coinbase Ventures logo Coinbase Ventures Very High Exchange Very High Very High
The Spartan Group Logo The Spartan Group High Hedge High High
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