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GV Google Ventures

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GV Google Ventures is a Tier 1 corporate VC fund originated and based in California, with a key focus on science, internet and blockchain technologies and projects, which change the landscape of our daily customer experience and transform our view on the future.

GV backs and supports young companies at the earliest development stages, as well as participates in early and late stage funding rounds such as  series A/series B/series C, seed rounds.

The fund supports start-ups in building competencies in product development, design, and marketing. Also, GV Google Ventures recruits the most suitable talented people in the context of what the market has to offer for their portfolio companies.

Mar 2009
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Very High 15 May 2023

GV Google Ventures Overview

Type: Corporate
Total Investment: 0
Project Support: High
Social Influence: High
Last Investment: N/A
Region of Origin: USA / CA
Influence Geography: North America; Western Europe; Africa; Asia
Type of project assistance: Networking; Marketing; Financing; Product Dev; Recruiting; Design

GV Google Ventures - About

Google Ventures is a top-tier corporate VC fund that serves as an investment arm for Alphabet Corporation (owning Google), but at the same time, it operates as a separate company with the full investment independence.

The fund is established in early 2008 by Bill Maris and Wesley Chan, and became a successful entity matching the most suitable talents and technologies. 

The fund has made 233 exits up to date. 

Some of the bright stars from the portfolio of GV are Stripe, Slack, Dapper Labs,, Helium, Flow, YugaLabs, Anchor, and hundreds of other tech-stars.

Despite, GV has made lots of exits, according to the fund’s mission it tends to support portfolio companies in the long-run.

Here is the current balance of interests in the GV portfolio.

Total number of investments: 685

  • Blockchain Service: 38.9%
  • CeFi: 16.7%
  • NFT: 16.7%
  • GameFi: 11.1%
  • Currency: 5.6%
  • Blockchain Infrastructure: 5.6%
  • Social: 5.6%

GV Google Ventures Team

David Krane
David Krane
CEO & Managing Partner
M.G. Siegler
M.G. Siegler
General Partner
Sierra Lovelace Warner
Sierra Lovelace Warner
Chief People Officer
Michael Margolis
Michael Margolis
UX Research Partner
Mandy Kakavas
Mandy Kakavas
Partner & Head of Communications
Victoria M.
Victoria M.
Administrative Business Partner

GV Google Ventures News

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