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Nascent is an investment firm dedicated to supporting early-stage crypto founders focused on creating an open financial world. With investments in projects like Morpho, Flashbots, and Optimism, their portfolio underscores a commitment to innovation in blockchain and DeFi. As active participants in the crypto ecosystem, Nascent's team of builders, investors, and explorers employs a hands-on approach, investing in both venture and liquid strategies to advance the infrastructure critical for crypto's future.

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N/A 11 Mar 2024

Nascent Overview

Type: Venture
Total Investment: 2
Project Support: N/A
Social Influence: N/A
Last Investment: 19 Jul
Region of Origin: N/A
Influence Geography: N/A
Type of project assistance: N/A

Nascent - About

Nascent positions itself as a collective of builders, investors, and explorers, united in their mission to back early-stage crypto founders who are crafting products and primitives for an open financial world. Operating with a clear vision, Nascent invests in both venture and liquid strategies, engaging deeply as users within the crypto ecosystem they aim to develop.

Their portfolio includes notable projects like Morpho, Flashbots, Code4rena, Optimism, Etherscan, Aztec, Socket, Ribbon Finance, Osmosis, Messari, Seed Club, and 0x Labs. This diverse range of investments showcases Nascent's commitment to fostering innovation across the blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) landscapes, emphasizing their belief in the transformative potential of crypto to redefine financial systems.

Nascent's approach is characterized by a hands-on investment strategy, where they not only provide capital but also actively engage with the projects they back, reflecting their deep commitment to the growth and success of the crypto ecosystem. By investing in infrastructure and primitives that advance crypto, Nascent plays a pivotal role in building the foundation for a more open and accessible financial world.

Nascent - Indusries

Nascent News

Nascent – Investments

Project Score Date Price Status Industry
aevo logoAevo
05 Oct $0.25 Past
Ethena logoEthena
19 Jul Past

Nascent – Co-investors

Fund Score Type Project Support Social Influence Co-investments
Dragonfly Capital Logo Dragonfly Capital Very High Venture Very High Very High
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