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Orange DAO is a dynamic web3 community with 1,400+ members focused on advancing decentralized technologies. Through the Orange Fund, it invests in leading crypto startups, having supported around 200 teams. The DAO also runs the Orange DAO Fellowship, offering $100k investments to nurture crypto entrepreneurs. This initiative highlights Orange DAO's role in fostering innovation within web3, serving as both a financial backer and a supportive network for founders aiming to shape the future of decentralization.

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Orange DAO Overview

Type: DAO
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Last Investment: 14 Jul
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Orange DAO - About

Orange DAO stands as a vibrant collective within the web3 space, uniting over 1,400 members who are deeply invested in exploring and advancing the decentralized web. Through the Orange Fund, the DAO actively invests in some of the most promising teams in crypto, having backed approximately 200 teams to date. Beyond financial investment, Orange DAO operates the Orange DAO Fellowship, a program designed by founders for founders, offering a nurturing environment for crypto entrepreneurs.

The Fellowship program underscores Orange DAO's commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the web3 ecosystem. It provides not only a $100,000 investment but also charges a 2% program fee, demonstrating a structured approach to supporting startups. The fellowship is celebrated for connecting founders with their first customers and providing pivotal early-stage funding, as shared by Derek Chiang, Co-Founder of ZeroDev.

Orange DAO's model represents a new wave of collaborative investment and support, where the community's collective expertise and networks amplify the growth and success of its portfolio companies. This approach not only accelerates the development of transformative web3 technologies but also cultivates a robust ecosystem of founders who are well-positioned to drive the future of decentralized finance and applications.

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