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Pantera Capital

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Pantera Capital is an investment fund that is mainly focused on cryptocurrencies, and companies in the Web3 space, especially the infrastructure-forming ones. Pantera made the first steps in cryptocurrency-focused investment when Bitcoin\s price was at $65 level in early 2013. Since then, Pantera Capital is rightly regarded as one of the most influential and top-rated funds in the industry.

12 Feb 2003
CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Very High 15 May 2023

Pantera Capital Overview

Type: Venture
Total Investment: 0
Project Support: High
Social Influence: Very High
Last Investment: N/A
Region of Origin: USA / CA
Influence Geography: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, North America, South America
Type of project assistance: Financing; Tokenomics; Market Making; Product Dev; Listing; Asset Management

Pantera Capital - About

Pantera Capital was the first cryptocurrency fund and institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain technology in the US. 

Pantera Capital made its first investments when Bitcoin was at $65 /BTC in early 2013, and since then, the fund stays at the top of the most influential and high-rated funds in the industry. Pantera Capital was established by an ex-Tiger Management’s Head of Macro Trading and CFO – Dan Morehead, so a deep knowledge of the industry and a top-notch expertise is embedded in the fund's DNA from the outset.

The most recognizable investment “targets” were such projects as 0x, Alchemy, Acala, Anchor, Arbitrum, Aurora, BitDao, Coinbase, Cosmos, Karura, Kusama, Polkadot, Ripple, and 120+ other prominent startups in the industry.

As an interesting fact, the Pantera fund was at the beginning of the Ethereum launch and created the first ICO on the netwrok with the Augur launch in 2015. 

Any crypto investor who is planning an investment activity should always keep a close eye on the fund's activities.

Here is the current balance of interests in Pantera`s portfolio.

Total number of investments: 176

  • DeFi: 26.1% 
  • Blockchain Service: 22.9% 
  • Blockchain Infrastructure: 15.4% 
  • CeFi: 12.2% 
  • GameFi: 10.6% 
  • NFT: 4.3% 
  • Social: 3.7% 
  • Stablecoin: 2.1% 
  • Currency: 1.6% 
  • Other: 1.1%

Pantera Capital Team

Dan Morehead
Dan Morehead
Founder & Managing Partner
Matt Stephenson
Matt Stephenson
Head of Cryptoeconomics
Chia Jeng Yang
Chia Jeng Yang
Erik Lowe
Erik Lowe
Head Of Content
Kerry Wong
Kerry Wong
Head of Investor Relations
Matt Gorham
Matt Gorham
Dennis Chou
Dennis Chou
Director of Trading
Franklin Bi
Franklin Bi
Managing Partner
Nick Zurick
Nick Zurick
Head of Portfolio Talent

Pantera Capital News

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