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Wing Venture Capital is an early-stage investor and company builder, focusing on empowering founders with resources and partnership for long-term success. Specializing in the AI-first technology stack, Wing invests across various sectors, including autonomous apps, AI, data, and PLG. They recently announced Wing Four, a $600 million fund dedicated to fostering the AI-first business transformation. Wing's portfolio showcases diverse, impactful companies, and their insights into AI and business are influential. Their team, known for deep industry knowledge, supports founders through the Founder Success Platform, offering connections and resources tailored to early-stage companies. Wing's approach combines capital investment with strategic support, positioning them as a key player in driving technological innovation.

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Wing Venture Capital is an early-stage investor and long-term company builder, dedicated to equipping founders with the necessary resources and unwavering partnership. Their mission is to create products that help people perform their best work, focusing on enabling the AI-first technology stack. Wing invests in companies innovating at all levels of this stack, with a particular emphasis on autonomous apps, AI, data, and Product-Led Growth (PLG).

Wing's approach to investment is highlighted by their recent announcement of Wing Four, a $600 million fund dedicated to the AI-first transformation of business. This fund represents a significant pool of early-stage capital and company-building resources aimed at enabling this transformation.

The firm is deeply involved in exploring and sharing insights on how artificial intelligence is currently being used in businesses, as well as the future potential of AI in the workplace. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of companies that are making significant impacts in various sectors, from healthcare and finance to technology and consumer goods.

Wing's team is lean and efficient, comprised of individuals with deep knowledge in core investment areas and operating specialties from best-in-class brands. They offer a Founder Success Platform, supporting founders with a dedicated team, sought-after connections, and resources designed for early-stage companies.

In summary, Wing Venture Capital is more than just a venture capital firm; it's a partner and builder for early-stage companies, especially those at the forefront of AI and technology innovation. Their commitment to the AI-first technology stack and the resources they provide to founders demonstrate their dedication to shaping the future of technology and business.

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