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06 June 2018

Crypto Daku is a prominent Telegram channel dedicated to the world of cryptocurrency. Boasting a substantial subscriber base, it provides timely updates spanning market movements, global crypto trends, and regulatory shifts. The channel also delves into technological advancements and product launches within the crypto ecosystem. With a balanced blend of news, humor, and expert insights, Crypto Daku stands out as a comprehensive and reliable source for crypto enthusiasts. A must-follow for those keen on staying abreast of crypto happenings.

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EN Medium 04 Sep 2023

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Crypto Daku - About

Crypto Daku is a prominent channel on Telegram dedicated to discussing various aspects of the cryptocurrency world. With a substantial subscriber base of 67.5K, the channel is a primary source for the latest happenings in the crypto domain.

Content Analysis: Upon analyzing the content, the channel can be categorized into several topics:

  • Crypto News Updates: The channel frequently shares news related to prominent cryptocurrencies and their developments. For instance, updates about PancakeSwap's expansion, Uniswap V4's launch post Ethereum Dencun upgrade, and OKX's plans to enter the Indian Web3 market are some of the recent news shared.
  • Market Movements: Crypto Daku provides insights into significant market movements, such as the transfer of tokens by FTX wallets and the buying activities of notable NFT whales.
  • Regulatory and Legal Updates: The channel keeps its subscribers informed about legal developments in the crypto space. For example, Ripple's opposition to the SEC's motion and the lawsuits between Gala Games' co-founders are some of the legal updates shared.
  • Tech and Product Announcements: Crypto Daku also covers technological advancements and product launches in the crypto world. This includes updates like the launch of the new Chromia Block Explorer and the migration of the DYDX Token to the dYdX Chain.
  • Global Crypto Developments: The channel provides a global perspective by sharing news from various countries, such as France's data watchdog's activities at the Worldcoin office in Paris and India's Yes Bank integrating Digital Rupee with UPI.
  • Humor and Sentiments: Occasionally, the channel also shares sentiments and humor related to the crypto world, like the decreasing interest in crypto searches on Google.

Conclusion: Crypto Daku offers a comprehensive view of the crypto world by covering a wide range of topics. It serves as a reliable source for those keen on staying updated with the latest developments, market movements, and global happenings in the cryptocurrency domain.

Crypto Daku - Peformance Overview

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Activity Post Coverage: ~ 23,138 Post per Day: ~ 10 ERR
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Very High
Reposts Total Amount per 30 Days: ~ 9 Average Gain per 30 days: ~ 1
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